Saturday 27 June 2009

Daisy, Daisy, give me your answer do.

Daisies are the sweetest flowers by far. Ive made a few from felt for a project that I don't quite know where its going yet! Here they are displayed on my.........

.....Daisy tablecloth that was embroidered in an air raid shelter in Chatham Docks during World War 2 .
Why are the Ox-Eye daisies in the wild in flower when........

the daisies in my garden are still tightly shut?

I should be grateful I suppose that I could only find a very small patch of daisies on my lawn!

and finally another project that I have a bit more of an idea where I am going with this. Whether it works out or not is another story!


Lyn said...

I love daisies too!
They make me smile and remind me of making daisy cahins when I was a girl all those years ago....

The Ample Cook said...

Those felt daisies are so good. I love the old tablecloth and how it was made. What a treasure.

Nicola said...

BEAUTIFUL embroidery!
i love daisies, too. so much that i love the name, daisy.
did you change your header? i love it!

Cal said...

I love that tablecloth. Daisies are so fresh and uplifting.
Cal :>

Michela said...

Hi Diane!
Hope you've stopped laughing! :))
I love your new banner!
Your felt daisies are really gorgeus!
..unfotunately I'm not good at creafting...but I can dust very well!
Have a sunny's still raining here :(

Colette said...

I love your felt daisys. Fancy showing us how to make them???????


. said...

Thanks for your lovely comment. I've just been tagged with the 'unimportant 6 things' and half of mine were the same as yours so now I'm rethinking!
Have a great week, x

JuliaB said...

what a lovely tablecloth and story to go with it. I guess daisy's brightened someone's day in that dark time. I love daisies. It amazes me that some people would rather not have them in their lawns! x

Lisa said...

More evidence of your great talents!
Those felt daisies are so pretty.
Love the old tablecloth.
Hope you're enjoying the sun.
Lisa x

The Ample Cook said...

ps Love the new header photo!

noelle said...

Great Diane, must have taken you ages to complete that embroiderie and in such a dark and dingey place!!!!!!!!! HA HA just kidding! lovin your daisies. Your new header is good we took pics of heartshaped pebbles yesterday but i can't find it now. doh !

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I love daisies too; they are such a homey flower. How do you know that the tablecloth was embroidered in an air raid shelter? Is it a family heirloom? You new project is off to a lovely start, please post the finished item.