Wednesday 3 June 2009

So far this week I have.........

...received through the post this gorgeous little garden light from Blueberry heart blogger and fellow Bombay Ginaholic!! It is so lovely and perfect for these summer evenings. Many thanks.

And I have made this herb container from an old sweet tin that we had been using as a cookery tin for the young man, but it had started to go a bit rusty (School cookery tins always remind me of a scene from the very naughty, but totally excellent film "Rita, Sue and Bob too"). I was inspired to make this tin from Blueberry hearts blog, but if you look at hers, you will see that the wording is much neater. Either, her letters were thicker than mine, it wasn't as windy when she tried to stick them on and her prit stick wasn't as gungy as mine, or she started drinking after the crafting. I have been cooking using recipe's from this totally excellent book that I bought in the National Trust shop at Trengwainton Gardens in Penzanze last week.( I know I dont need any more cook books but it was less than a fiver!!) The Bombay potaotes were divine and I made loads so that I could have them with salad next day. The book is written by the totally lovely Mr Keith Cole and it is amusing to read as well as having great seasonal recipe's . Highly recomended.

And I have been missing St Ives.

Oh - and doing the most enormous pile of ironing in my bikini top and shorts in the garden after work!!!


Lisa said...

I think your herb tin looks fab.
Enjoy the ironing!
Lisa x

Blueberry Heart said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE yer herb tin!!! and yes, I may have had a snifter (or two) of Bombay afterwards...!!! Hic!!
BH x

Lyn said...

I'm missing St Ives too!

Lx @ Twelve said...

Hello you, glad to see you had a good week in St Ives - we go back to Cornwall at the end of July(Falmouth this time. Love the tin make over - off to find out what Bombay is, although have discovered Pear cider - Yum!

Love Lydia

Rosie said...

What a lovely collection of things you have been doing - you even make the ironing sound enjoyable:) Your tin is lovely such a good idea - the cook book looks great too! I bet you miss St Ives so much:)

Pom Pom said...

I love your blog!