Monday, 7 September 2009

Playing out

Well thankfully the weather man got it wrong for us yesterday, and so our rainy day plan (sort out my wardrobe, do the ironing, clean the bathroom) changed to something far more enjoyable. I was brought up by a mother who believed that if it was fine, you had to play out - and so I still do to this day!!
We went to Clumber Park in North Nottinghamshire as it isn't too far from us. We hired bikes for a couple of hours and cycled through the forest. I love the smells at this time of year. The pine was very strong, but the forest floor smelled strong and earthy.
When I could in the saddle no more, we wandered around the walled garden. This is slowly being restored to its former glory. Until recently it was a camp site.
The produce in the garden is used in the (highly recommended ) National Trust Tea Room. They do wonderful soup! The flowers in the borders are starting to fade, but still look beautiful.

I love the old gardeners mess room which is by the potting shed - especially the Head Gardeners "Bowler".

This lemon was large enough for us all to have a very large slice in our G&T!!

I do love playing out.


Colette said...

Looks like you had a lovely day 'playing out'!

Enjoy your week.


...Nina Nixon... said...

'Oooohhhhh' I love Clumber Park 'she says' I've only been the once - other half's family is from Worksop, but I loved it all the same.

Nina x

ps. I'm with you when it's fine it's time to play! N xx

Michela said...

Wow! Sporty Diane! I love too the smells of the forest..and I'm very jealous of "your" flowers!
Have a lovely week :)))

Cal said...

Great day out. Super to cycle through the forest and smell the pines. And aren't National Trust tea shops the best! x

Julia said...

What a lovely day out you all had ..... and what a good excuse for a G & T!!!:0)

Lisa said...

What a corker that lemon is!
Those sunflowers are so bright and cheery.
Lisa x

lesley said...

That's what I call a day out!
Great photo's Diane, & that lemon?

The Girl said...

Looks like you had a lovely day. The pictures of the flowers are beautiful. And the size of that lemon!!


A lovely story - I felt like I was playing outdoors with you!

ps. will email soon, promise, I don't have a great deal of time until Thursday! x

Susie's country cottage said...

What beautiful flowers they have in the garden for this time of year. I love the sunflowers. Those woods look like a good place to cycle and I love that woodsy, earthy smell that you get in the countryside at this time of year too.

The Curious Cat said...

Lucky you - I'm glad the weatherman was wrong - I also love that picture of the pine trees - the best smell in the world is that of pine if you ask me... Was that near Sherwood Forest as well? Looks

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Those late summer borders, heavenly.I really loved the colour of those asters!
Glad you liked the midnight!
Love Sarah x

Renaissance Grace said...

Your blog is endearing I will revisit at a less hetic time!

Julia said...

oh I have missed visiting your blog! Im meant to be decorating right now but have taken a half hour to browse blogland - I didnt realise Clumber had got such a pretty walled garden - must go there sometime it looks marvellous, if not only for the treats in the cafe!

Hope you are well, sending love
Julia xxx

Cal said...

Hi Diane

We picked up the leaflet for Camping du Letty as we discovered it while out walking and would like to stay there next year. What a fab place with beach side pitches etc. x