Saturday 27 March 2010

Moore and Hepworth

Henry Moore liked his work to be exhibited in the open air. I think he would have loved how they exhibit his work at the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Its really sad that in some places up and down the UK, they have had to move his pieces indoors to protect them from theft and vandalism.

Barbara Hepworth's pieces also work very well in the beautiful surroundings of the park. Her "Family of Man" is amazing.

What I find really poignant is that they were both born within 15 miles of the park. Both of them gravitated to the south of England later on in life, but their work feels very much at home, and is enormously appreciated back where their roots were.
I'll post a sort of tutorial tomorrow for the Latte Art - but you do need a proper coffee maker - the sort that makes Espresso and has a milk frother on it. xx


topchelseagirl said...

Love the sculptures. Shame some had to be moved.

Twiggy said...

Like you we spend much time at the YSP, living a couple of miles away we should :) I love Henry Moore and Barbara Hepworth. We have some lovely photos taken of Twiglet as he's growing up standing next to The Family of Man sculptures, almost like a height marker. In my opinion sculpture should be outdoors amongst nature and the elements where possible so the YSP is excellent. However, I am looking forward to the Hepworth gallery opening in Wakefield next year too!
twiggy x

Homes and Dreams said...

Just been catching up reading your blog. Its ages since I last visited YSP and seeing your photos has made me want to visit again soon. Love the latte art - I bet you had a great day!

Nishant said...

Love the sculptures.
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BadPenny said...

they look very at home in those settings.
It makes me teribly sad & angry when they are vandalised.

The Girl said...

Some friends of mine went to the yorkshire sculpture park recently and their photos were amazing. It's criminal that I have never been.

Looking forward to seeing your latte art - I wanted to go on a proper barista course when I worked at the coffee shop but my boss was mean and wouldn't pay for me to go on it (and didn't pay me enough that I could finance it myself!). I did get good at doing some ripples and once successfully did a heart. I would do it all the time now but I can't drink coffee so can't find an excuse to buy a coffee machine!

The Curious Cat said...

I've never seen their work outdoors in the flesh but certainly I have seen lots of pictures...I wonder how it feels to see it with the wind blowing on you or the sun shining...? Maybe a trip there sometime... It is an interesting connection you make seems right that their work is outdoors and near to where they born... xxx