Friday 28 January 2011

Fitzalan Square revisited

Forgive me for revisiting my previous post this week, but I found out more interesting things to show you.
Firstly, the Police Box in the bottom right of the photo is for sale. As it has a toilet and a sink as well as electicity, in my plan for Fitzalan Square, this would become a little flower box, selling pretty bouquets for husbands and lovers to collect on their way home - the sort they seem to have on every street corner in Paris. I would also have of course a pretty and very brightly lit Carousel in the centre of the square which would light up the gloomiest of South Yorkshire days.
I also found these amazing photos of the Marples pub before, during and after the bombing. Rowan, you will be able to see exactly where it was from these photos.


Jo said...

I can just see it as a flower kiosk with all your wares tumbling out in buckets on to the pavement. It would certainly cheer the place up with all the colour.

Gilly said...

Yes, looks like a grey Yorskshire Square could do with a bit of colour!" Flowers and a carousel sound just the job!

Kathy said...

That sounds lovely ... we just don't do northern cities the French way do we?

jennyfreckles said...

That Police Box featured on our local news the other night. You're right, it would make a great flower shop.

Unknown said...

I'm lovin your idea for a flower box and carousel - sounds very European.