Wednesday 26 January 2011

Haunts from the 80's

Continuing my wanderings around Sheffield on Sunday, I decided to check out a few of my favourite haunts from "When I were a lass".

I wandered through this lovely little garden and remembered the many nights out I had spent in here with my pal who was puking! (It was handy as it had a wall - she had discovered that if you puke over a wall, you save your shoes! - top tip there for the tipminded as Victoria Wood would say!). We thought she was a very light weight drinker - turned out she had Colon Ulcers!

We were "Josephines" girls - the nightclub is now called the Banus??!! We loved the music - lots of Wham and dancing around our handbags in our white stilettos with our big hair, white "Ice cream man coats" with the sleeves rolled up (like Don Johnson in Miami Vice!) hand knitted "cotton tops" (we used to knit these in our lunch hour using "Wendy Capri" wool - my fave knitting yarn of all time), bright blue eyeshadow and a bit of shoulder pad build up!! Gorgeous.

But we would always start the night in here - the Stonehouse and the most fantastic pub ever!! The interior was done out like the old streets in York Museum. We loved it.

I don't know what they use it for these days. I never realised that it was an old lodging house and back in the 1980's I never stopped to consider what a great exterior it had - I was too busy trip trapping inside to look at the twinkly ceiling lights that made you feel like you were drinking your lager and lime in a Victorian street!


Selfsewn said...

Oh Diane
I love the
'puking over the wall' tip!!!!

So Clever!

Clare x (still coughing!)

Jacquie said...

Great post Diane, I've still got Whams' "FANTASTIC" album ( L.P.version !) in the loft , also Heaven 17's " The Luxury Gap ":0)
Jacquie x

Living the frugal life in France said...

Lovely visions!!
Woudl you like to go back to that time knowing what you know now?

two bones and a bagle said...

Diane we may have trip trapped on the same dance floor I used to frequent Josephines - was there a bit where you could have a meal - or was that somewhere else. I used to go in the Stonehouse too. I had forgotten about that until you just mentioned it. Did you ever go to Romeo and Julet's, Roxy's, Genieve? I can't remember any more. Ah those were the days!

two bones and a bagle said...

My friend once puked up and threw her one false tooth out with it she promptly picked it up and popped it back in her mouth - nice. We laughed for ages and ages - we had all had quite a few that night - it wasn't at a night club or a pub in town but outside a village pub - classy. Yukkity yuk.

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely post re your youth! Love the puking tip!!

potterjotter said...

Just found your blog and have been reading your old posts - we are the same age and I hail from Doncaster originally. Loved your take on Relocation Relocation - laughed out loud!

Rosie said...

Those were the days - love your descriptions of the places you frequented - I can see you in your white jackets with shoulder pads and stilettos dancing around your handbags. The Stonehouse sounds interesting:)

Anonymous said...

Di..... I have tears in my eyes once again!!!
I was a Josephines girl too......loved the wine bar!! Two bones and a bagel..... loved all the same haunts as you too!!

If you are on your lonesome on a weekend, txt me..... if I'm not up to much I will come and jaunt out with you too!!
Love Nic B x

Jan said...

I was a Malibu and lemonade girl in the 1980s... Then I got the 'cocktail bug' and spent evenings on bright blue concoctions. I'd happily wear the 80s clothes again but don't think I could stomach the drinks!!!

Colette said...

Must pass on that tip to Joe!!!!

You fit so much into your weekend, puts me to shame.


John Going Gently said...

i was ledmill girl myself

menopausalmusing said...

Just about fell off my chair when I read the bit about the wall!
:O)))))). Good old Wendy Capri wool, wasn't it just lovely to knit with?

A garden just outside Venice said...

Any picture of your Josephine outfit for your dear bloggy friends???!!!

Lisa said...

I can just picture you bopping along to Wham now!
Lisa x

Jo said...

Ahhh, the 80's. Wham, white stilettos, big hair, blue eyeshadow and shoulder pads. That sums the decade up pretty well.

diane b said...

You paint a good picture with words. Had me giggling.While you were bopping in the 80's I was bringing up kids and working my butt off to pay off a mortgage but go back to the 60's and I can remember similar fun but with no puking walls in sight.