Monday 14 February 2011

No Romance

There's not a lot of romance this Valentines Day here in the Heartshaped Household. Hubby and I will hardly see each other because of work - however we do have a little romance planned for next week to compensate so all is not lost.
Also, another member of the family who was very much looking forward to Valentines Day has gotten their heart broken instead.

I hope your Valentines Day is more succesful.


Also a big well done to Diane at My Life in the Charente who seems to have won everything in blogland this week. My daughter pulled Diane's name out of the bag and so she is now the proud owner of Dolly Dimple too!!! (I hope you bought a lottery ticket too this week Diane!!). Email me your address and I'll post her out to you.


Simone said...

There is no romance here either!!! Congratulations to the winner of your lovely giveaway. I hope the person who got their heart broken will soon get it mended. x

Anonymous said...

We're a bit lacking on the romance front here too!
But to be fair its me that's the unromantic one,Scott would love it if I let him romance me with flowers and chocs etc etc...
But as I think its all commercial crap we don't do it.
Em xxxxxx

Unknown said...

Congratulations to Diane for winning Dolly Dimple - I'm sure she'll be going to a lovely new home.
Broken hearts do mend, eventually. And when it does, she'll wonder what the hell she saw in this loser in the first place.
I haven't even seen my other half yet, but there was a card and flowers waiting for me when I woke up.

Ray+Joan said...

Love the balloon, hubby got a card (check the blog Diane)but theres no romantic dinner for us tonight hubby got a dentist appointment.
Buy yourselves the biggest box of chocolates you can find & share them with your family that will make you all feel better.

Jo said...

Happy Valentine's Day. There's no romance for me either, but to be fair, I don't buy a card or pressie for hubby either. The only card in our house is for my 12 year old daughter from her 'boyfriend', along with a heart shaped necklace and earrings, they don't half start young these days! As for the broken heart, she's better off without him if he can do that just before Valentine's Day, and she'll soon realise that the old sayings really are true, there's plenty more fish in the sea (and more deserving). Congrats to Diane on winning Dolly Dimple.

harmony and rosie said...

Oh no, young love - I remember all that. No romance here, but I did predict it so shouldn't be too disappointed!

Lisa said...

We'll be eating heart shaped biscuits later which S and I baked yesterday.
Hope the broken heart mends soon.
Lisa x

Selfsewn said...

did I miss your giveaway?!?

I actually won one last week too!

We dont really celebrate valentines, although the old man is home today, but it wasnt because it was valentines!

Enjoy whatever you have planned!
xxx love Clare

Anonymous said...

Not much romance here either. We don't normally 'do' Valentines Day because its nothing more than big business in the High Street, but OH left to go away on business this morning and he left me a card...bless his cotton socks. :o)

diane b said...

My hubby is not big on romance now that we are older but I guess it is good for the bank balance. Sorry for the broken hearted one. That is poor judgement just on Valentine's day. Hope things improve In the heart shaped household.

Rosie said...

Congratulations to Diane for winning your Dolly Dimple. What a day to suffer a broken heart - it does seem like the end of the world when it happens and no one can tell you otherwise! I'd forgotten it was Valentines Day today - perhaps we'll make some heart-shaped biscuits:)

Simone said...

Hello again Diane! Just to let you know that I coloured the fairy in with aquamarker pens and water! I used Versafine Archival instant dry pigment ink to stamp her with. She was stamped onto watercolour paper too! If you have any more questions about rubber stamping I will be happy to help. Have a lovely day!!!x

The Curious Cat said...

Oh dear...I hope the family member is not too heartbroken! Sending some love your way! xxx

Carol said...

Congratulations to Diane on winning the lovely Dolly Dimple.
Sorry to hear about your daughter, hope her heart is soon mended.
Carol xx

*❀* said...

oh dear, hope the poor brocken heart mends soon ♥ sending healing vibes of love xxx

love the ballooons :o)

warmest hugs


Jackie, Erik, Jake, Drew said...

Dear home alone..Happy Valentines Day! I was wondering who got their heart broken, but you cleverly disguised the gender by using 'their'! Its hard being young and in-love. Luckily there are a lot of fish in the sea, hope his/her heart heals quickly! Big hug & kisses.

Alex said...

Hi Diane

Don't worry, my standards aren't that high in real life! Might as well fantasise over the good looking ones though!


Vintage Tea Time said...

Enjoy your romance next week! Sorry about the broken heart :( - hope it mends soon. Have a good week! Abby x

cieldequimper said...

Hope that broken heart will fill with joy again soon.

As for today, well... there's another 364 days so where's the problem?

...Nina Nixon... said...

Enjoy your little bit of romance - I far prefer a spot of this then on a day I'm told I have to.

My heart goes out to your little un's broken one - hopefully it will make her stronger.

Nina xxx

Diane said...

Diane what a great Valentine's Day surprise, I am thrilled ro have won Dolly Dimple, thank you so very much to your daughter pulling my name out of the bag. They say things come in three! For someone who never wins anything it has been quite an amazing run of luck. Many thanks, email has been sent. Diane xx

Kathy said...

Hope the broken heart mends soon.... it's such a difficult thing to deal with as a mum because there's really nothing you can say or do to help. I just listened and agreed most of the time.
It took my daughter about ten months before she was ready to think about dating again ... she's just started seeing someone again after all the upset last year!

Her blog is called Recent Treats ... it's generally all about the things she buys and wears ... oh and what she eats and drinks judging by her Project 365 pictures! It'll be on my side bar if you want to take a peak.
Lots of love
Kathy xxx

Rebecca said...

Of all the days to break a heart, it will mend. No romance in the dub house, neither are particularly romantic in the hearts and flowers way x

BadPenny said...

I once had said to me, " plenty more fish in the sea..."
I didn't want to hear it at the time, but it was true, I found a goodun - a sailor !!!

Clare said...

I received some lovely blog love today! Glad you got the book - sorry it was a little late, last week just seemed to fly by in a blur!
Enjoy it - and no rush

Virginia said...

Oh Valentine's Day has it's ups and downs. Hope the broken heart will be on the mend soon.