Wednesday 5 December 2012

The South Bank

On our 2nd day, we decided that we would walk along the South Bank of the river Thames - a walk that we have not done before.  They had a great Christmas Market here which was lovely to wander around.  (Too busy stuffing my face with a Bratwurst breakfast to photograph it!).

 It was here that I was able to tick one of my "things" off "my list". Something I have wanted to do for a long time. Can you see what I see?  A beach!
I have watched lots of programes on TV where "Mudlarking"  can reap great rewards on the Thames.

 After only a few minutes, we had collected some lovely old pieces of pottery and some pieces of clay pipe - which I read are from the 1600's.   We would have loved to spend more time doing this.  I have to say that we both thought this was one of the best bits of our break in the city!
 Onwards, passed the Tate Modern - fabulous building.
 And also passed the Millenium Bridge with views across to St Pauls Cathedral.
 And the Globe Theatre
 To the 2nd place on my list - Borough Market.
 We were in heaven wandering around and deciding what to eat for lunch.  So many lovely smells and gorgeous food and interesting stall holders to talk to.
 And great food stories!  We decided that we could live near Borough Market.
 Onwards, spying the Shard (I shall never be going to the top of here!!)
 HMS Belfast
 And finally to Tower Bridge.
 There are so many wonderful things to see and investigate on the Southbank these days.  I highly recommend this walk.


menopausalmusing said...

My son's girlfriend works on Borough Market on a fruit juice stall, but not the one in your photo. Wonderful finds on the little bit of beach, I would love to do that too.

John Going Gently said...

dont you just LOVE the Shard!

Young at Heart said...

so glad you had such a good trip.....if I'd known you were coming we might have found time for some cake!!x

Rosie said...

What a handful of history from your mudlarking! Don't think I'd want to go to the top of the Shard either but I would love to walk over the Millenium bridge to a performance at the Globe Theatre one day:)

June said...

Love your photos of your trip to London. There are so many wonderful things to see. The mudlarking sounds like great fun.

HippieGirl said...

Those photos are making me want to visit London all the more!!! Something I noticed that's kinda funny is that image of the beach with the small pier was on an episode of Law and Order I watched the other day, lol. But, with all these photos, I really wanna visit London so badly!!!!! I love the pics you take, very lovely :D

A garden just outside Venice said...

100% British tomatoes, eh?! :P

Mac n' Janet said...

We would love to "Mudlark", my husband asks where exactly were you when you got to walk along the water.

topchelseagirl said...

Can't believe you've never walked along the South Bank before - there is so much to see. Great photos.
My Dad said that when they were kids they would go to those Thames beaches, as they couldn't afford to go on holiday.

tlcukjourney said...

I wish we would have bumped into each other! But would I have recognized you? I've only seen the one photo of you... I've walked these streets with my Cockney over and over, I love this part of London. These are wonderful photos!

Down by the sea said...

I have enjoyed seeing London through your eyes.
Sarah x

Little Blue Mouse said...

Great photos! I would love to go mudlarking.