Friday 10 May 2013

Hackfall Woods

We asked our waitress at breakfast for suggestions for a walk.  She suggested Hackfall Woods, so we gave them a try.  The walk was stunning.

You get some great views from up top.
We noticed that all of a sudden, leaves have appeared on the trees. A week or so ago, many of them didn't even have buds on them!  I have to say that they are a very welcome sight.
And one of my favourite flowers are out right now - the gorgeous bluebells.
Hackfall woods are full of folly's and fountains and magical places.  This "ruin" can be hired to stay in from the Landmark Trust - it looks like a really special place with a wonderful terrace.
The river cuts through the woods.

There are some lovely sandy beaches on the river too - great for a picnic and a paddle.
We happened upon countless waterfalls too.

The fountain works on water pressure and activates every 10 minutes or so for a few minutes each time.

The view from the "Ruin" is spectacular.  It must be the quietest place on earth of an evening.

If you are ever near Masham or Ripon, these woods are certainly worth a visit.


Louise said...

I must remember this place if I'm ever in the area, what a wonderful walk. Spring has happened so quickly hasn't it, leaves and flowers appearing suddenly when the sun shone!

Curtise said...

What a beautiful place. I'd love a ramble through there, happening upon follies and waterfalls and fountains! xxxx

Sandies' Patch said...

Those woods are fantastic!
One day....I may visit them!

Victoria said...

Looks incredible! What a great recommendation! x

Lisa said...

Well your waitress came up trumps with that suggestion.
What a romantic place to visit with all those follies.
Don't you just love that new fresh green of the leaves.
Lisa x

forgetmenotsblue said...

What a lovely place. The blue bells look so pretty :)

Jan said...

That was a great recommendation! Isnt it lovely to see the leaves on the trees again? ! Jx

Rosie said...

What a lovely walk! It is good to see some leaves on the trees again - it has been a long wait but at last they are here:)

Young at Heart said...

ooh an enchanted wood.........fabulous!!x

Lyn said...

My list just got a little longer! Xxx