Friday 3 May 2013

Langsett Reservoir

A young fella that I know has recently bought a vintage ice cream van and sets his stall out at Langsett Dam, about 5 miles away - so I said that hubby and I would call and test some.  I didn't take any photos but I can highly recommend the rum and raisin and hubby said the lemon sorbet was fab too! 
Whilst we were out here, we thought we walk around the dam and up and over the hills.  I couldn't have even contemplated this a month or so ago, so I hope it means I am on the mend.

 It was really windy at the start of our walk, but for the first time, it actually felt that Spring might be on its way.

 These are lovely moors - hubby's favourite.
 There are ruins of an old place called "North America Farm".  I think it was last lived in during the 1930's.  I bet it was like the farm in "The Village" - except perhaps a bit more remote.
 It must have been a hard life living up here.

 It is very beautiful - the colour blue always makes a picture prettier.

 Hubby said that he could see an old woman in this tree root - can you see her?
 And I could see an old man in this picture - can you see him?
 It's certainly lovely to feel some warm sunshine on our faces after such a long winter.


Anonymous said...

A beautiful area. You are cheeky, saying that you can see an old man...

Diane said...

Those stones are interesting, there must be a story behind them. Have a good weekend. t'other Diane

Lisa said...

Old man! That made me giggle.
You are right, going out for a walk and enjoying the countryside is an awful lot different to the life those who had to live on that land must have led.
And they wouldn't have had rum and raisin ice cream either!
Lisa x

Mister D said...

Lovely photos again - those stones look prehistoric and interesting

Curtise said...

It's a LONG time since I've been up there, it looks so beautiful in the sunshine.
Yes, I can see the old woman, but the "old man" looks in his prime, so don't be cheeky!
Glad to hear that you are recuperating and feeling fitter, Diane. Enjoy your weekend! xxx

Rosie said...

It looks a lovely walk and it is good to hear that you were able to manage all of it. I can see the old lady in the tree:)

Anonymous said...

Hi there - I have just stumbled across your blog like you do and feel delighted to find someone who is almost a neighbour and loves Sheffield (where I was born) and surrounding places as much as I do. We live on the other side of Langsett nearer to Holmfirth and the end of the Peak District (or the start depending on whether you're facing North or South)! We still spend a lot of time visiting Sheffield and Peak District. I will be dropping by to read your older posts soon. Perhaps you know the places where I once lived when growing up in the fifties and sixties - Stannington and Todwick although both very much changed now...and Calver and Bradwell where we spent our weekends?

Louise said...

Beautiful photos from a lovely walk. I'm glad you were feeling fit enough for the walk.

Sugar-Sweet-Emily said...

Love this place! We went in January when it was all snowy, up on the moors it was so deep it came up to my Dads waist! Such a gorgeous place though! xx

Lynn Holland said...

That was a lovely walk thank you and yes I did spot the oldies.
Have you ever walked any of the Mary Townley Loop in Lancashire. I live in Whitworth which in the loop and we have some wonderful walks near us including Healey Dell Nature reserve. It now has an heritage centre with a wonderful Victorian tearoom, open Friday,Saturday,Sunday