Saturday 25 May 2013


Another highlight of the Tena Lady Tour was our Sunday visit to Saltaire in West Yorkshire.  I really love Saltaire - have you ever been?  

 Our coach company had organised us a tour by a local lady who dressed and acted as a mill worker - she was very good.  She told us all about the mill and village and brought the history to life.
 Saltaire was the vision of Sir Titus Salt who made a fortune spinning Alpaca wool.  He built his mill and housing for the workers out in the countryside - not in the squalid city centre's as other mill owners did.  He also took control and care of the recreation and health of his workers so that they produced more! He built the village with many churches, shops, a civic centre, school, a hospital etc - but no pubs!
 He was a well travelled man and the Italian influence in this church was stunning.

 A tour of the village highlighted the difference in the houses and you were allocated a type of house depending on your status and job.
 Most of the houses remain and are still lived in.  The site has gained Unesco World Heritage status.

 It must have been an amazing place for the workers to live in.  Whilst the work in the mills was still dangerous and unhealthy, the houses and village must have been so much better than their counterparts in the big towns and cities.

 The star of the show though is the huge mill - situated on the banks of the river Aire.

 Some of the mill is used for recreational purpose now with a few lovely shops, cafes and galleries.  One of my favourite parts features the work of David Hockney and amazingly they let me take photographs.  I love the 25 Trees - it is a wonderful piece of modern day art, and the scale of the work suits the building very well.
 We were a bit short of time, I really need to go back to Saltaire again - so much to see and do.

 According to our guide, the 4 Lions in the civic area were originally built for Trafalgar Square, but were too small.  I thought you might like to see our favourite lion - licking his paw.
It won't be long before I go back to Saltaire.


Kathy said...

Your Tena Lady Tour looked great fun. You packed a lot in in a short time. I'm ashamed to say I've never even heard of Saltaire, let alone been. It looks well worth a visit. Kathy xxx

Jan said...

I've never been to Saltaire but we used to live on the edge of Bourneville in Birmingham. There were no pubs in that area either! Jx

Mrs. H said...

I love Saltaire too, we went for my birthday last year and again new years eve.
: ) x

greenthumb said...

Another lovely place, sounds like you all had a good time.

Lyn said...

I love Saltaire, we should meet has the most amazing book shop where I can spend far too much money! Xxx

Rosie said...

Have been once and would love to go back one day. I remember the Hockney paintings in the mill. When we visited that lovely church was surrounded by scaffolding:)

Mister D said...

A lovely tour thank you

Lynn Holland said...

Saltaire is a wonderful place and what a shame you aren't there this week as it's the Art Trail.
I'm hoping to get there tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Lisa said...

What a stunning place to visit. I wouldn't have wanted to have had a job in a mill back then but at least the housing there would have been healthier.
Love the lion, had he just finished a tasty snack?!
I shall look forward to your return visit for more photos.
Lisa x

elsy said...

this is definitely on my list.....only discovered it on the web last ignorant i am of the uk!

harmony and rosie said...

Hellooooo, long time no see xx
I most certainly have been to Saltaire. The last time I were up north I was very proudly shown around the town by a couple who felt I needed to be educated. I'm so glad they did, it was fascinating .. although I never actually got out of the car :)

Curtise said...

No, I haven't been to Saltaire but I really really wan to go, it looks beautiful and very interesting. Gorgeous pic as always,Diane. xxxx

jennyfreckles said...

Glad you had such a good time in my patch! Your photos are lovely.