Tuesday 7 May 2013

The Yorkshire Dales

Hubby and I are continuing with our "get away at the drop of a hat " policy and this weekend treated ourselves to some time away in the Yorkshire Dales.  

 It took just an hour to get to our destination on Friday after work, and after dumping our bags set out to explore the gorgeous little village near Ripon where we had decided to stay.
 I have to say that we chose well, it was very quiet and had a great little pub for something to eat.
 On Saturday, we set about ticking a few more places off my list.  Richmond North Yorkshire is somewhere I have always fancied visiting, but never got around to.  It was beautiful.  A gorgeous little market town (like they all are around here) with a mighty river (The Swale) running through it.

 And like all the other towns around here, it has the remnants of a great castle sat on the hill.
 We enjoyed a wander around the town.
 And then enjoyed a drive through Middleham (Twinned with Agincourt!!)  Fabulous bridge.
 On our way back we stopped in a tiny village to explore this wonderful tower.

 ...  and have a good old nosey into the gardens which backed onto the river.

I'll show you more of North Yorkshire later.


DeniseinVA said...

A wonderful tour! Lots of lovely photos, thank you.

Lisa said...

I love those dogs, they look enormous.
You did choose a pretty spot to stay in and who can resist a tower!
Lisa x

Lynn Holland said...

Thanks for the tour I really enjoyed myself. Did you go to the old railway station in Richmond that's been converted into micro shops and a cinema and restaurant ? Hope it's still there.

Kathy said...

We went to Richmond a few years ago. It's a lovely little place. I wonder if you got to Fountains Abbey?

Gilly said...

Richmond is a place I would like to go to - it looks great from your photos!

You know, I'm beginning to rely on you to post photos of all the places I would like to go to, but am unlikely to do so now. Much more interesting than buying a travel book!

And I enjoyed your log blog!

Rosie said...

Oh, how lovely! Glad you had a super 'drop of a hat' break. I've only ever passed through Richmond and would love to go back one day. I loved Middleham, because of the Richard III connection of course, I didn't know it was twinned with Agincourt - that's wonderful:)

Anonymous said...

You find some lovely places to go, I am envious!

Jennyff said...

One of my favourite parts of the world though I may be prejudiced. We had some wonderful cycle tours rounds the Dales back when we were fitter. Glad the weather was kind to you.

nilly said...

That's the Marmion Tower at West Tanfield! So glad you enjoyed your trip to my part of Yorkshire.

Lyn said...

Oh God my list just got bigger!

primrosesattic said...

Lovely pics. Thank you for sharing. I would love to visit.

Curtise said...

Richmond is lovely, isn't it? The river is magnificent. Great pics as always, and you chose a fabulous weekend weather-wise! xxx

Michelle said...

Wow, Middleham bridge just brought back many happy memories for me!

At the other end of it there is a cottage which used to be self-catering (I don't know if it still is), and my family stayed there every year when I was a child.

I can't imagine how many times I walked over that bridge with my dad as we made our way into the fields on either side of it, and then down to the river where he'd sit and fish, and I'd sit on the sandy banking and watch, or maybe take a book to read.

I remember when we walked over the bridge we had to stay really close to the edge as it's so narrow, but the metal sides were always covered in huge cobwebs which I never liked to get too close to!

Yes, the sight of that bridge will always prompt lots of memories for me.