Monday, 11 November 2013

A flaw in the plan - part 1

On Saturday I found myself with a rare whole day to myself which was wonderful, but funds are a little  low at the moment, and with Christmas looming, I needed a "no spend" day.  And so I thought a good long walk with my camera for company would be a fairly cheapish day out.

 So I parked up on Rustlings Road (avoiding car parking fees)in Sheffield and wandered through  gorgeous Endcliffe Park.
 So far do good.
 I couldn't help but notice how many of the trees still have a very green coat - I think these are really late in turning this year.
 Then I left the park and headed for the Sharrow Vale/Ecclesall Road area - I thought you might like to see some of the fabulous shops and eateries in this area of Sheffield.

 Of course, I was tempted in to plenty of them.  This newish shop has some fabulous unique craft type gifts (as well as gifts for one's self!!)

 Interestingly I compared the prices of fruit and veg from here - "The Sharrow Marrow" to Sainsbury's (where I had to call later on).  Pomegranates £1 in Sharrow - £2 in Sainsbuy's. Sharon Fruit 3 for £1 in Sharrow - 60p each in Sainsbury's.  I know where I'd rather buy from.

 What interesting pastimes we have here in the city - and all under one roof!!!
Can you spot the flaw in my plan?  Well of course you can.  I just couldn't resist temptation in most of the shops I went in.  In my defence your honour, many of my purchases were Christmas presents, and I did get a couple of great bargains in one of the many charity shops here.  But that's another story (with yet another flaw in the plan!), which I'll tell you another time!


Selfsewn said...

Ohhh kitchen and CAKERY!!!
It's too early in the week for such naughtiness Diane!!!

Sandies' Patch said...

Never the less, what a lovely day out - my kinda day out!

John Going Gently said...

The front parlor..... Was a shop I loved although it was always overpriced
Self time is good time di

Lisa said...

Good exercise, seeing the sights and making a few present purchases is a great combination.
Lisa x

Curtise said...

I love a wander round Endcliffe Park, Sharrowvale and Ecclesall Road too. I lived in the area for many years (can't afford to now!) Great pics, as always, you have a great eye for a photo. xxx

Patricia said...

Ooh I do love a good Deli. Lovely pictures Diane and what a smashing way to spend some time and not money.
Patricia x

Rachel said...

Your photos are making my mouth water! There are so many great shops around Sharrowvale Road and the Mediterranean restaurant holds special memories for me :-)

Little Blue Mouse said...

Well if they were Christmas presents and charity shop buys, I think you're acquitted!