Monday 18 November 2013

Greenwich Naval College

So onwards into deepest Greenwich.  I felt as if we had stepped onto the set of "Call the Midwife"!  I loved the feel of the place and the setting on the bank of the Thames is just perfect.

I discovered that the huge power station is still kept running as a back up to power the London Underground should it need to.

Our first port of call was the very old Royal Naval College - designed by Sir Christopher Wren.  We were amazed to find that admission to this was free.  I commented that Christopher had a fabulous ability to draw, and I bet the builder didn't half curse when they got the plans!

The painted gallery was jaw droppingly beautiful,

And the chapel was very spectacular too.
We didn't have time to look around everything as time was pressing on.

By now it was lunch time and we kept spotting people with takeaway cartons of very delicious smelling food, so we followed our noses and ended up in the most gorgeous food and craft market.  The food being sold was being made on the stalls and was from every corner of the world. We were very spoilt for choice.
But suitably refreshed, we pushed on.


Lyn said...

Oh what an interesting place, not your usual tourist spot, you find some different places to visit don't you? And the blue sky.......perfect day!

primrosesattic said...

I visited this when my daughter had a dance audition. I was amazed at how beautiful the buildings were and how much there is to see. We too found the market. What a great place to visit.

Lisa said...

G and I were supposed to have gone to Greenwich last year and had to cancel, your post has made me determined you should still go!
Lisa x

Rosie said...

How beautiful the buildings are inside! I've been to the Maritime Museum and Queen's House but never in the old college so I've really enjoyed looking at your photos:)

WinnibriggsHouse said...

Great post Diane! DH is not keen when we plan a trip to London but I think this could just persuade him . It looks stunning . I shall have to work on him in the new year!

topchelseagirl said...

My Aunt has a craft stall in that market. You may have crossed paths.

Moi said...

The naval college is just like a giant film set isn't it? So many things have been filmed there, it's a pretty incredible place.