Sunday, 24 November 2013

The whole confection

I pride myself on my thrifty ways, and was dead chuffed to have found this wonderful cook book for £1.50 in a charity shop.

I had flicked through and was desperate to bake this gorgeous sounding cake.  however once home, the list and quantity of ingredients proved anything but thrifty!!!  2 blocks of butter, 5 bars of 70% dark chocolate, 10 eggs,  Polenta flour !! But I had my mind set on it and so I thought I would make it - just once!
I don't know if the recipe is wrong or what, but I left it in the oven a good 30 minutes longer than it said and it was still very "mousse like" on the inside, and a bit crisp on the outside.  It reminded me of the chocolate cake that Bruce Bogtrotter has to eat in Roald Dahls "Mathilda"!!
I have to say though, it tasted wonderful.  It was more "dessert" than cake, and hubby wasn't that keen as he's not a fan of ginger.  So being there are only 2 of us at home at the moment, and I don't fancy putting a stone on before Christmas, I took it to our craft night at the W.I.  We shared the village hall with the Slimmers World class and I believe that some of the slimmers bribed our octogenarians into letting them have a piece - after the weigh in of course!
Any way, the WI/Slimmers World ladies made very short wok of it. (Lovely green and gold plate also bought in the same Charity Shop for 25p! ).


The Greenockian said...

Beautiful plate and the cake looks pretty tasty too!

Rosie said...

As long as it tasted ok after you'd bought all those ingredients - it does look very gooey and waiting for ice cream to top it. Great to get the book for £1.50:)

Elizabethd said...

Love the plate!
The recipe reminds me of one of Delia's from years ago, which was so rich we could only eat a nibble.

Diane said...

Ha ha, I am a huge chocolate fan, I would have enjoyed it I am sure!
Have a good day, t'other Diane

love those cupcakes said...

Bargainous book but you must have needed a bank loan to buy those ingredients! And that sounds like my kind of slimming group.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Well done you for tempting the Slimmers ladies, lol!
It looks delicious and very fluffy.

Lyn said...


Lisa said...

The plate is pretty but the cake looks better!
Lisa x