Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Cutty Sark

One of the main reasons we chose to visit Greenwich was to have a look at the recently restored Cutty Sark - and I must admit she looked really grand against the perfect blue sky.  Again I wanted to step back and see the Thames choc a block with these wonderful old ships in days gone by.

 The Cutty Sark was originally built as a tea clipper - bringing back it's precious cargo from exotic places.  Some of these journeys took over a year to complete - unbelievable.
 The figurehead (Nannie)is a replica as the original one is restored inside.  She carries a horses tail in her hand.

 Below deck, the tea chests give you a good idea of how they would have been stacked.  On the mid deck you can read all about the crew and their fate and the voyages that were made.

 I loved it on deck, but really could not imagine being up here in rough seas.

 And I certainly couldn't imagine cooking up meal after meal, month after month,  using meagre dried ingredients for all the crew.
 The captains quarters were a lot more luxurious.  I loved the glass holders hanging above the table.
The collection of figureheads was fascinating - I would love to own one of these.
 You could read the story behind each one.

 This one had been found floating around in the Thames!  Now that's what you call a decent bit of driftwood!

They have done a wonderful job of restoring and preserving this lovely vessle.  Its wonderful to think that she has come to rest on the river where she worked.

 I can highly recommend a tour of the Cutty Sark - it's brilliant.


Lisa said...

I love all those figureheads, some of those ladies have fantastic figures!
The Captain's quarters look like the place to be, life must have been so tough onboard.
Lisa x

jennyfreckles said...

I went before it was restored but I'd like to see it now.
Those tall clippers are magnificent. Like you I'd love to travel back in time to see them in their heyday. And is it just me or is the red dressed figurehead modelled on Nigella?

The Greenockian said...

Fabulous post - I just love these old sailing ships. The collection of figureheads is wonderful.

topchelseagirl said...

Now added to my ever-growing 'must do' list.

greenthumb said...

What a wounderful place to vist. Great photos.