Thursday 14 November 2013

Looking closer

One of my favourite statues is this one of Queen Victoria near the gates in Endcliffe Park, Sheffield.  I was quite surprised to discover that this bronze statue used to stand at the top of Fargate where it joins Barkers Pool until 1930 when they moved it here to the park.

 Of course, Victoria looks resplendent,
 but my favourite parts of the statue are the mother with her children,
 and the working man with his tools.

 I also love the bronze statue of Pan, spirit of the woods which stands in the Botanical Gardens.
 This statue was gifted to the city by Sir Charles Clifford who owned the Sheffield Telegraph Newspaper and was also founder of the City Dental Hospital.  The beauty of this statue is in the detail.
 The frogs and rabbits,
 mice and squirrels and snails,

 birds and chicks in nests,
and playful imps.
 It's a lovely statue to take a closer look at.


Kathy said...

I love looking out for the smaller details too. That statue of Pan is wonderful!

Curtise said...

The statue of Pan is a firm favourite with our kids, we have made countless visits to the Botanical Gardens over the years and enjoyed spotting all the creatures. They love the bear in the Bear Pit too. Glorious photos (in your last post too) of a gorgeous spot in our city.
I always like the family figures underneath Queen Vic too! xxxx

Rachel said...

I love the statue of Pan tool! The setting of the statue is so beautiful. I can spend hours at a time wandering round the gardens. Lovely photos :-)

Gilly said...

That statue of Panis fantastic - I love the little mice! And all your other photos as so interesting. We have a lot of streets in our town where the original setts (not cobbles, Diane!!) are underneath the road surface - and showing through in many cases! Some streets have been left with their original setts, which is a bit rattling driving over them!

Lisa said...

Love all the woodland creatures, so easy to miss the details, but so worth seeking out.
Lisa x