Sunday 7 March 2010

Can you guess....

where Ive been today?
We started out first thing this morning, and drove 15 miles towards our destination and came across more of the white stuff. My old Grandad used to say, that if it doesn't all go at once, there will be more to come to take it away, and he was never wrong - so you have been warned.

Its hubby's 50th birthday celebration week - the grumpy old man has his birthday mid week, so we started his celebrations on Friday night, and are continuing them through the week. I knew he had a hankering to visit this place, so that's what we did today. The architecture of the building was stunning. The architect has been commissioned to work on the ground zero site in New York .
I'm still not telling you where it is, but I'll give you a few clues. I had trouble taking some of the photos because of the sun - and that doesn't happen here often!!

This iconic building was just across the canal.
Just look at those skies - not one cloud all day. This place is not famous for its clear blue skies.
This is quite a historic place, at one time it was a very busy and bustling port - and then it died. It is now being resurrected in a stunning way.
There are lots of canals all joined together - a bit like Venice Michela, but totally modern. I loved capturing the reflections in the water.

It is going to be the new home of part of the BBC. Apparently they are struggling to get the "southerners" convinced that a move "up north" is a good idea. When I went to see Stuart Maconie, he said that they should stay in London if they think that is the best place to be - more jobs for the notherners!!

I even managed to snap a celebrity for you!! How good is that!! She walked past me twice, and I only dared to snap once she got past me. If you enlarge it, you might be able to tell who it is. I'll give you a great big clue - I very spookily only mentioned her in my blog last week!! (no its not Germaine Greer). I wonder if I mention George Clooney this week, he will turn up? I told you I was a bit of a witch.

Anyway, after a totally brilliant day out, we headed back home.

Can you guess where we went and who the celebrity is? I have to say, that I was totally impressed by this place, it wasn't what I thought it would be - blue skies always help though! I'll tell you later where it was, and all about what was in the building we visited.


Kathy said...

I know exactly where you were - I was there myself at the end of January. We weren't so lucky with the weather - it was freezing.
the architecture is stunning, isn't it?
Enjoy the birthday celebrations!
Love Kathy xxx

Marie said...

it's the Lady Mayoress herself, not with Nigel Havers though, I see! Fab photos, glad the Salford sun was shining for you :-)

love those cupcakes said...

I know where it is! My girlie has just applied for a job in Salford. Your photographs are stunning, by the way.

Lisa said...

Say hi to George from me when you bump into him!
I went there once for work about 14 years ago! Never got to look round and I suppose it was all different back then anyhow.
Love the photos of the refelections.
Thank you for your email, it was v v much appreciated. I'm beginning to think sod 'em too!
Lisa x

Rebecca said...

I am going to say that you were in Salford, as I think I can see the Lowry in your pictures.Am I right in thinking you saw "Audrey Roberts", not sure though as I dont watch Corrie x

BadPenny said...

Fabulous photos - stunning blue skies. I was saying on another Blog how we get to see all the best places via Blogging.

Martine McCutceon ? ! The girl in the red coat I mean

Gilly said...

Well, they do say its the Venice of the north! ;)

Lovely blue skies help a lot, don't they - stunning photos too!

Rosie said...

Wonderful photos, Diane - know where you are - have visited the area a couple of times - once to visit the two public buildings and another time queued along where the celebrity (no idea who) is to get on a ferry to take us up the main canal to another well known place! Hope hubby has a wonderful birthday week:)

Anonymous said...

Salford? Very up and coming and great canal!!!

I thought the celeb looked like GG!

Sue said...

I know where you went too - you should have popped in for a cuppa, we are not far away :-)

I did laugh when you mentioned our Audrey as being your hairstyle nightmare - I have a horror of my hairdresser making me look like Krystal off Dynasty - but when I get home it always looks like Fern Britton...

lesley said...

Hello Diane,
It's been a long haul at work!!! It's so nice to be back, looking at your pictures. I had no idea where you were, I'm embarrassed to say! It looks like you had a great day out though. So the husband is a "little fishy" born in March right? Our son was too, we celebrated his 30th yesterday, speak soon. x

Lazylol said...

I have no idea sho the celeb is - do tell!

A Tasty Treat said...

What fantastic pictures. I didn't know where it was but the architecture looks amazine, great pics. Not sure about the celebrity I'm afraid.

andamento said...

From the comments I take it it's Salford though I would never have known. I'm guessing the celeb is "Audrey Roberts", had to google her to find a picture though as I wouldn't have known that one either!

The Curious Cat said...

Salford (I would have to know this with my job) and not sure about the lady... Nice place though! Pretty cool! xxx


Haven't the foggiest ...

Sandies' Patch said...

Wonderful photography as usual!
Didn't have a clue to location or celeb!
You do get to go to some inspiring places.
Thanks for sharing and happy b'day to hubby.

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Well, I have not a snowball's chance in hell of guessing where you went so I will have to wait for all to be revealed.

I’m glad you had such wonderful weather for the start of the big 5-oh celebrations.

A little bit of sunshine made its way across the Channel this weekend as well.


Selfsewn said...

not stives then?

JP said...

I must admit it does look better in the sunshine than inits usual mizzle! - we usually see the lady mayoress at the manchester exchange with roy cropper! glad you had a good day

sarah-jane down the lane said...

So you've taken up with Betty Ford then? tee hee,
I love the Lowry best, but Salfors is tres cool too!

Sarah x

happy Birthday Mr.Heart!

Anonymous said...

wow! these are spectacular photographs, particularly the reflections.

Michela said...

Hi my lovely friend! I hope to be still in time to wish Mr.Heartshaper a very happy Birthday!
...I think those canals look 100 times far better than the ones in Venice, that water is so clean!
Hey...I really hope to see George one day on your blog ;-)

Unknown said...

What a fabulous place! The guy with Audrey is Mark Eden who also used to be in corrie and practically got her run over by a tram in Blackpool!