Thursday 4 March 2010

Je m'appelle Diane

Ive almost come to the end of my beginners french course at the fabulous Northern college. Its always been too dark to take outside photo's to show you, but with daylight hours lengthening (thankfully!!), when we went this week, I was able to take a couple of photographs of the marvellous frontage.

The room lit up here is the Long Gallery that I photographed for you a couple of weeks ago.
This little window is just outside our classroom. Its been fairly easy brushing up on my schoolgirl french - when I arrive on the campsite in Normandy later in the year, I will be able to introduce myself and my family to our neighbours. I will be able to tell them what we do for a living and how old we all are!!!!!

The weather last Sunday was great for a bit of gardening (at last!!) I "dragged" the young man to the Garden Centre and ended up buying this delightful little shrub.
She is a Witch Hazel called "Diane". Now the kids and my hubby often call me a Witch, my dad wanted to call me Hazel when I was born, but my mum got her way and called me Diane, so you see, I feel that she was destined to be mine!!

That's not me gazing into the crystal ball by the way! If it was, the Euro millions lottery would be mine - and I'd be probably hung out to dry in the Betty Ford clinic by now! xxxxx
I can't leave without saying a huge Thank You to everybody that leaves me a comment - you really make my day. And a big "Hi" to "Anonymous Diane" who left me a comment on my last post. xxxxxxxx


The Girl said...

Well what do you know? Later on this year I'M going to be at a camp site in Normandy!

I shall be on the lookout for English people with superb French skills.

Michela said...

Diane,tu es très amusante!
..shall I translate it? Ha ha! xxxxx

Lyn said...

Could never handle language, have enough trouble speaking English! tell you what, you can do all the talking when we pop over to visit Michela!

Sandies' Patch said...

Love the Hammemelis or whatever it's called...does it smell good?
wonderful colours!

Rebecca said...

that plant is lovely, never quite got my head around french, all those verbs at the end of sentences, always did better with german!

Rosie said...

A holiday in Normandy sounds lovely. It seems ages since we were last in France (2003) but I do remember being able to ask for things in shops and cafes - I found it a lot harder to listen to and understand the answers to my questions. Your new plant looks interesting:)

noelle said...

Hi, Diane, thanks for your lovely comment! what a wonderful building. I was never very good at French, i'm very impressed! Your plant looks very interesting, i've been doing some much needed gardening today and shall be treating myself to a couple of new shrubs this weekend i think. The lovely spring weather is set to continue over the weekend so what shall it be garden or beach, hmm decisions,decisions!!!!!! x x x

Gilly said...

That is a very pretty witch hazel, I think its much nicer than the wellow ones, a lot of them are a rather odd shade of yellow that does nothing for me! (Who is not a 'yellow' girl, anyway!)

I'm impressed with your French - hope it comes in useful and you learn lots more on holiday conversing with the locals!

Karen said...

Pretty soon you'll be writing your blog in French, n'est-ce pas Dianne? Love the picture of the round window!

Homes and Dreams said...

Just wanted to say hello from one Yorkshire lass to another! The Witch Hazel is a lovely colour, by the way it isn't from Wentworth Garden Center is it? :)

Beki said...

Would love to learn french again, forgotten most of what I learnt at School.
Find myself wanting to do and learn more and more thgings as I get older.

Have a great weekend

Beki xxx

Beki said...

Can you let me know if you got my email please, kept getting a failure notice for some reason.

Beki xxx


Congratulations on learning french. I am in awe! My french extends to "un baguette sil vous plait" and lots of tittering


BadPenny said...

Well done Diane I struggle with languages - even when we lived in Spain but in all fairness - they did speak a strong dialect !
Impressive building - much nicer than a modern tech college.

Mum had a lovely garden on Anglesey & planted roses for all the grandchildren. I had a Penelope rose !
That shrub is really pretty.
Have a lovely weekend

Julia said...

Im very impressed Diane, that you have learnt French - I think Id like to try it again when Ive a bit more time on my hands, certainly makes trips abroad a lot more fun!

Have a lovely weekend,
love Julia x x x

Lisa said...

You'll really tell them your age???!!
Lisa x

love those cupcakes said...

Good for you actually competing a language course. I signed up for Spanish for beginners a couple of years ago but threw in the towel after the class laughed when I mixed up my churros and burros. Apparently I like eating my donkeys with hot chcolate. What's so funny about that? Doesn't everyone?

topchelseagirl said...

That's a lovely old building. Yes, I'm sure that witch hazel was just waiting for you to come along and take it home. Thanks for visiting my blog. x

harmony and rosie said...

Interesting label on your lovely plant. Don't forget you always need to be able to ask where the loos are before you go off to Normandy.

We love Tyneham by the way, it's such a magical place isn't it? x

(PS I used to live in the C.I. too!!)

lesley said...

I think it's just great that your learning French! Well done Diane, I only took up learning to play the piano a few years ago & have so much fun, wished I'd have done it years ago. We could do an impromptu duet lol