Monday 25 October 2010

Culture Club

I know that many people think of South Yorkshire as a cultural wasteland, but I love to show you that this is far from the case. One of the best art galleries in the country (in my opinion) is the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. It currently has a brilliant and as they say in arty circles, an "important" exhibition by David Nash. This is really pulling in the crowds - so much so that a trip to the amazing cafe is out of the question, unless you love massive queues.

This being Yorkshire, we do things a bit differently. The gallery does have a couple of typical big white spaces, but the majority of the exhibits are in the open air. And this being Yorkshire, the open air is a bit spectacular too.

The tale of Nash's Wooden Bolder was told in the Bothy. A fascinating story.

Whilst the sculptures are truly wonderful, the raw materials are pretty stunning too.

The Charcoal sculptures look stunning against the backdrop.

For once, this is an exhibition that you are encouraged to touch and feel.

Whilst wandering around, you happen up many Barbara Hepworth's,

The odd Andy Goldsworthy,
And lots of Henry Moore's, all standing exactly where the Sculptor would want them to be.

So if your idea of a good romp around a gallery involves pulling your wellies on first, then this is the place for you.

I'll show you our walk around the parkland and more of the stunning art work tomorrow.


Unknown said...

I loved this post Diane. I've heard lots of great things about the Sculpture Park, but sadly didn't get around to visiting when we were living in York.
I think it's fab when you're allowed to touch the sculptures. We got reprimanded by a security lady the last time we went to the Birmingham Art Gallery & Museum when Violet touched a beautiful wooden sculpture of a conker. It was just crying out to be touched, and there wasn't a sign on it telling us that we couldn't.
Jill x

Diane said...

I love wood and the pieces here are just stunning. Love the sky as well. Diane

Kathy said...

Fabulous photographs Diane! My daughter has been to the Sculpture Park and says it's somewhere we have to visit ... so it's on my ever increasing 'list'. I hate stuffy galleries where you feel like you daren't breathe, don't you?
Love Kathy xxx

harmony and rosie said...

What a great place, I love the tree in the walls - quite mad! I'm always intrigued by the number of excellent places to visit in your neck of the woods.

jennyfreckles said...

It's one of my favourite places but hard to get to as I don't have a car. I last visited when there was a major Andy Goldsworthy exhibition. It's nice that some of his pieces remain. I love the Nash stuff in your photos.

John Going Gently said...

oh diane

i remember the park SOOOOOO well and have always loved it... me and Chris used to go every sunday for a while!!!
as for yorkshire being a cultural wasteland...... thats bollocks ( if anyone that believes that is reading this)
see my old blog

Vintage Tea Time said...

Yes, YSP is great - we too went when Andy Goldsworthy's retrospective was on. Lovely setting.

menopausalmusing said...

What a place! Breathtaking setting for breathtaking work and all the better because you are allowed to TOUCH!

Gilly said...

Its spmewhere I've always wanted to go, but now I couldn't manage it. But your photos are wonderful, so I shall enjoy those!

Rosie said...

Wonderful photos as always. I'd love to visit the Sculpture park. I bought an Independant newspaper on Saturday - we don't buy one very often these days - they had a list of the 50 best Museums and Galleries in the UK - the Yorkshire Sculpture Park was 49 and The Forbidden Corner was 47:)

Lyn said...

Its a great place, even in the rain as it was last time I went!