Wednesday 13 October 2010

The Woodland Fair

Many thanks for all your comments on my previous post - they have all helped - especially the ones from you have have been there, done that and are wearing the T shirts. It was hardly the heist of the century - the daring thief (for that is what I shall call him in polite company!) only managed to get away with £20, the "crapest phone" in the world (the kids description)- recently purchased for £10 - now £5 in the Orange shop!! and he may make a bit of money selling her provisional licence for ID purposes, so possibly as minor crime as you can get. But in real terms, the knock to her confidence and her extreme fear when she didn't have any money to get home and no phone to contact anyone are the real crime. Her bag was zipped and had a clasp too - I am now on the lookout for a clutch bag with a myriad of internal pockets - and a wrist strap.

Any way, back to Sunday. At Clumber Park, they were holding a Woodland Fair, and I really enjoyed looking around this.
I stumbled across the Green man that Sandie had met a few weeks ago.
And watched a Coracle being made and then floated in the lake.

I thought the extreme heat was coming from the charcoal maker, but it wasn't switched on - turned out it was the sun!!!

The Pizzas in the wood fired oven took 90 seconds to cook!!!!!

The man who lived in the caravan ( a couple of posts ago) made these wood carvings

There was also a wood turner letting people have a go at turning wood using your foot as power.

And a lovely grey horse who was used to pull logs along. His mane reminded me of dreadlocks.

We hadn't known that the fair was on, so that was a nice surprise. It was free to go in, but I did buy a flagon of cider from the cider maker, worth £5 of any ones money.


Kathy said...

Any theft is such a shock to the system ... no wonder she was so upset.It doesn't matter what was taken, you just feel violated. I had my purse stolen in a Christmas market in Krakow a few years ago ... it was just awful.
We had a lovely few days in Clumber Park's caravan club site a good few years ago. we must go back there some time soon.
love Kathy xxx

Rebecca said...

The woodland fair looks great, I hope your daughter is recovering, it is always a great shock when something like this happens as it feels like a violation, take care x

Twiggy said...

Hope your daughter is ok, the fair looks great. What wonderful carvings. I've finally visited Wentworth and given you a namecheck on my blog :)
Twiggy x

A Bun Can Dance said...

what a great day out - I love the horse! And I'm always attracted to wood carvings. I hope your daughter is over the shock and feeling more herself - nasty experience.
Thanks for popping by :-)
I know what you mean about being emotional so much of the time - you and me both - now the miners have sent me over the edge!
D x

Sandies' Patch said...

ummpph! A bit miffed that you got into your woodland fair for free!
I shall check out the woodland fair guide for next year and go to Clumber Park LOL! We could even meet there!
It was a good day out though...
Hope DQ is recovering, at least she had someone to help her out in her time of need.

Sandie xx

harmony and rosie said...

90 seconds for a pizza? I'm staggered, you wouldn't want to stand too close to that oven would you? Very clever wood carvings as well, but I'm more interested in that flagon of cider you mentioned!! K x

Rosie said...

Ah, just my cup of tea - or wood fired pizza! I recognize the wood turner in the red t-shirt from the woodland fair at Consall country park earlier this year there wasn't a Green Man there though he looks rather splendid - hope you enjoyed the cider:)

BadPenny said...

Looks magical there.
I'm so sorry to hear about your daughter - poor girl.
We had the other end of the scale when my 80 year old mum had her handbag stolen while she was in her own cotage ! They climbed through her bedroom window ( it's ground floor ) She was more angry than upset & had so much to sort out. Old ladies carry everything in their handbags !

Lisa said...

90 seconds? That's what you call fast food. I like days out like that, watching clever people do clever things.
Hope DQ is feeling a bit brighter and that this weekend is full of much happier times.
Lisa xx

Scented Sweetpeas said...

Your poor daughter, what about a coat with internal pockets so she have everything on her body and nothing on show? My sis gave me some pocket pants recently, not sure they on the market yet but they are pants/knickers with a pocket attached - fab for keeping money or your phone. Fab photos by the way.

Nearly there Claire said...

Oh my, that green chappy looks a little too scary for me...eek! But I think the fair looks FANTASTIC!!! Can I come next time?

More hugs for you and

JuliaB said...

Oooh I do LOVE a good forest fair! Esp. on a sunny day :) Hope Miss Heartshaped has settled back into uni. life. x