Thursday 21 October 2010

Pretty Villages

We have some beautiful little villages in South Yorkshire. They were mostly built for the workers of the large country houses that we have dotted around these parts. One that I had never been to before (even though it is only about 10 miles away!) is Hooton Pagnell. So on our way to Brodsworth Hall, hubby did a slight detour and we stopped for a quick wander around.

It really is very pretty and has some great old features.

The Butter Cross (and look at that sky!)

The big old house looks as if it is still lived in and is private. Shame, I do like a nosey!

I'm going to return for a further visit next week as instead of going on holiday, we are having a "Staycation". One area I will investigate further will of course be the graveyard (and the pub looked worthy of further investigation too!).

I loved these steps outside the chuch - built so that gentlemen could mount their horses.

Yet another little gem found on my own doorstep!


A garden just outside Venice said...

A "staycation" sounds very clever to me if you're so lucky to have such lovely surroundings!

periwinkle said...

Oh I love finding little places like this - lucky you

Vintage Tea Time said...

That looks a very pretty place. I never knew that's what steps like that were for - I'd seen them elsewhere!

BadPenny said...

So pretty - I know it was on your doorstep but it could ave been somewhere abroad. Enjoy your reviit next week.

The sewing room said...

Don't you just wish you could go back in time ? i do when i see great places like this. Thank you for sharing this with us Diane and enjoy your re visit.

Hugs Pat

WinnibriggsHouse said...

What a fabulous post. That little village looks really pretty, and I have just seen the beautiful acer on your last post, Autumn really in its glory.
Thank you for the lovely comment on my coat, the pattern is Mccalls M5987. As I said in my post, it is not supposed to be lined but it wasn't difficult to amend.

Rosie said...

What a lovely village. Hope you have a wonderful 'staycation' with plenty of trips out to visit local places:)

Lyn said...

Another little gem! I love Brodsworth too but never stopped off any hwere near it.