Sunday 7 November 2010

Sunday Morning Wander

If weekends in November continue to be as sunny as this weekend, I won't complain. Last week I was kept busy with various parents/careers/college type evenings for the young man - I find this stage of parenting really really hard. Important decisions have to be made - and it feels like we are jumping into the unknown. Saturday saw hubby and I tackling a major project which I will be telling you about soon - I am calling it "Operation Silk Purse" . So today was the first day we could take a nice long walk - but his football team were on telly at 12 noon, and he is off to work later, so it had to be an early morning start. We walked up to Wentworth - one day I am going to count how many gate houses there are around Wentworth Woodhouse.

Did I ever tell you that William Hague was born in Wentworth and his parents lived here up until their death? We were going to walk up to Needles Eye - it looked lovely across the fields.
The lanes all have a golden carpet to walk through after the windy evening of the last week.

They have a fence around the bottom of the monument which hasn't been there before - I wonder if the top is unstable?

Its a fairly high point here - we looked down towards the village.

and across to the town of Hoyland.

We walked back through the woods - the ferns were illuminated by the sunshine.

I spotted some green shoots of recovery - unfortunately not in the economy!

Our boots got incredibly muddy walking back across the fields.

Although the sunshine was in the wrong spot - I couldn't resist taking a photograph from this angle as I had taken one from here in spring when the Clematis was out.

We wandered back through the village,

and back up the church path.

And noticed this in the field. Not a lot of people realise that in the middle of the large grazing field, there is a landing strip so that Sir Philip Vyvian Naylor-Leyland can land his light aircraft when he comes to visit the village - I believe that he is heir to the Fitzwilliam Estate. Apparently two weeks ago, the plane skidded and had a bit of a crash into a wall, but it looks as if its been fixed (the plane, not the wall which still has a big hole in it!). I think his main residence is Milton Hall in Cambridgeshire.

So we got back just in time for the match to start - and they won 5 - 2 which was nice for a change!!


Lyn said...

Lovely walk Diane, it was such a good weekend but I think we are due gales and rain this week so it was good you made the most of it!

Vintage Tea Time said...

Lovely fern pictures! Looked a great walk! Beautiful day today, if a bit cold (I was doing an outdoor market!!)

JP said...

great pictures - enjoyed the walk without the effort!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A garden just outside Venice said...

..How come that lately you get more sunshine there up North than here???!!!
Re to your question..well, the stables were bursting out of very handsome men, I even took some pictures, but I fear they're not suitable for my blog (I particularly love men wearing tight horse-jockey suits)..oh, and I left my "fella" at home yesterday ;-)..ha ha!

Kathy said...

We've had a lovely day full of sunshine today too ... but it's been really cold for the first time. Another lovely walk.
Love Kathy xxx

Living the frugal life in France said...

Sounds like you had a much nicer day than us, not at all like last week.
Hope you have a good week

Fay McKenzie said...

Found your blog - wonderful! I don't have woodland or tree action at home - a delight to look at the world around you and your pictures.

Thank you! I'll follow if that OK?


A Bun Can Dance said...

Hi Diane
Oh your landscape is so very beautiful! Wentworth - I want to go there too! Thank you for visiting, and it's good to be reminded that teenage eyes are rarely uncovered ;-)
Have a very happy week ahead,
D x

Rebecca said...

That walk looks beautiful, a lovely day x

sea-blue-sky & abstracts said...

Glad that you were able to get out to enjoy this beautiful day Diane and thanks for sharing the lovely photos. A fine day in November can be stunning - love the colours. Have a good week. Lesley x

Lisa said...

Great photos, good footie reasult too! Love that one of the red berries.
The couple of weeks we had recently when we had to do the senior school choice thing was quite intense,like you say you hope you make the right choice, but it's all so unknown.
Hope you have a good week and all is well with DQ and the young man.
Lisa x

cieldequimper said...

Oooh those ferns! Lucky you, it's raining pots and buckets here and the wind is howling!

Diane said...

Lovely walk and great photos. The weather this morning was a bit of a shock!! Diane

Rosie said...

I've really enjoyed your Sunday morning walk - your village looks lovely in the distance. We too took advantage of the lovely weather yesterday to have a walk - good job as the weather here this morning is awful - had to don raincoat and wellies to put the wheelie bins out and they are now blowing all over the place! :)

diane b said...

Thanks for taking me on a walk through Yorkshire. The scene of the village is picture book perfect.
Which football team does he follow?

Ray+Joan said...

great colours from all the tress & I loved the one of Hoyland ss beauliful

Sue said...

Thanks for sharing your walk, it's beautiful countryside.

Jackie, Erik, Jake, Drew said...

Just looking at your pictures cheer me up, I loved all the autumn colours. I must admit it also makes me a little homesick for England, so much charm and character. xx

John Going Gently said...

you have taught me more about my former stomping ground than ever I did myself in the 18 years in sheffield

Young at Heart said...

what a difference a little sunshine can make!!

BadPenny said...

What a lovely walk Diane - I like the needle & the golden path !

love those cupcakes said...

Gorgeous photographs. I really must get myself off this sofa!

The Curious Cat said...

Gorgeous weather and photos - especially the sunshine one with the clematis. Shame it has suddenly turned rather cold here then and wet...still...we're on the good side of winter still...after Christmas it gets worse I think...when it has been dragging on. xxx

A Bun Can Dance said...

Hello again!
Thank you for following my holiday at home and for all your lovely comments :-)
D x

Julia said...

Lovely walk Diane, I always enjoy tagging along through your words and pictures! Isn't it a pretty part of the world? So glad it's practically on the doorstep.
Also wanted to say well done on the freebies (your last post) - that L'Occitane one was a peach!! Sure you will enjoy that home pampering!!

Much love
Julia x x x

Mike said...

My favorite picture is the one where the sunlight is shining down on the flowers. Truly beautiful.