Friday, 11 May 2012

An evening in Sheffield

The dancing queen and I headed into town last night - we had booked on an "Inspirational" event, so we thought we would make the most of it.  She had a new lens for her camera, so we spent some time before hand walking around the city snapping away.  Here are some of my shots with my bog standard point and shoot camera.
As you can see, the clouds looked very ominous! 
 The little garden near the city hall is just about to burst into flower - there is some very inspirational planting on the roundabouts and verges in the city at the moment - I'll have to pop back and photograph them.
 I love the water fountains in Barkers Pool - which according to my research was once a Pool!
 We did a little window shopping on Devonshire Green.
 This shop reminded me of all the bright yellow fields that are out at the moment - except I suppose you don't get hayfever in this shop!

 The event was held in the Cathedral which is starting to be used as a "venue" for these kinds of things more and more now.

 The event was a lot less inspirational than billed - and so in the interval, we escaped.
 By now, the night sky was closing in, and the clouds looked even more ominous!
 But we thought it made for great photographs, and as it still wasn't raining, we walked round a bit more.

 Despite the disapointment from the event, we had a great evening, chatting and snapping away.
And we got home just before it started to rain.  I'll show you a few of the photo's she took later.


Jackie said...

Looks like you found your own inspiration Diane as always! How lovely to have an evening with your daughter as well xxx

Carol said...

The cityscape looks beautiful by night.
Carol xx

Rosie said...

You;ve taken some inspirational photos anyway - love the lit ones against the darkening sky:)

ChrisJ said...

So what was the event? Just curious.

greenthumb said...

Looks like a fun night out with the dancing queen. Love the little garden would love to see it when all the flowers are out.

BadPenny said...

Sheffield looks fantastic. Glad you enjoyed your evening if not the event. A friend had me in stitches recently about escaping in the interval of an awful play.

Rowan said...

You've got some great shots here - Sheffield can be surprisingly photgenic can't it? Pity about the event being disappointing though.

A garden just outside Venice said...

Sheffield looks less modern than usual in these shots, isn't it?! Beautiful!

elaine said...

You certainly captured the old and the new in your shots - Sheffield certainly has changed since I knew it.