Tuesday 30 June 2009

A Fragrant Posy

I picked this very fragrant posy from my garden this morning. It comprises of the first few Sweet Peas (and a stunning shade they are too - dont ask what variety!!!) Coriander that has gone over and into flower, Mint Lemon Blam and some Oregano that is flowering too. It smells great.


Michela said...

Hi Diane!
I'm posting a posy too...!
I love your sweat peas..I have to check if in my garden there's something similar..

Beki said...

Ooooh, I can almost smell them, what a lovely mixture!
Beki xxx

Lyn said...

Lovely, posies from the garden are so special. Not blousey and brash like some shop bought boquets!
Lovely idea to use herbs too!

noelle said...

very pretty and country cottagey!! Happy days x x

Rosie said...

Your posy is very pretty - the sweet pea is a gorgeous colour - I've given up hope of our's every flowering this year:)

. said...

Loving the nail varnish and the teeny frog! Have a great week,x

Caroline said...

Aaah, the joys of summer, is not it magical to be able to walk into the garden and pick something like that. It is a magical posy.

Gilly said...

Quite glad your coriander is flowering! Mine has really shot up and it was supposed tio stay leafy! We had loads of Oregano, but it all got mkxed up with a really nasty invasive week with little trefoil leaves, and I had to blast it with Round Up. Now nothing will grow there, but I do have hopes that there is a root or two of oregano lurking there waiting to spring up!

But that is one gorgeous sweet pea!

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

I love the use of herbs in your posy. I always wonder what to do with them once they have ‘gone over’ so now I will wonder no more. Now seeing your lovely sweet pea I wish I had gotten myself organised and planted some. I must remember for next year!