Wednesday 1 July 2009

Gardeners Question Time.

I don't see my dad very often, but a few weeks ago, he called round and brought me some plants for the garden. Ive planted this with the yellow flowers on, but I don't have a clue what it is. Can anyone tell from this (very poor ) picture? I'm sure it will be something edible as that is what he usually drops off.

I used to have a serious magazine addiction. I would merrily throw one in the shopping trolley on every supermarket visit. I was horrified when I totted up how much I had spent one month and now I can say that the only magazine I buy is "Cornwall Today" which I couldn't live without. However I "aquire" more magazines for free now than I used to buy!! These are my "Freebies" this week. I have a John Lewis card so you get their "Food Illustrated" magazine for free (should be £2.75) and its lovely and summery this month. Do you remember I told you that I did a Royal Mail survey and they pay me in free stamps each month? Well one of the tasks I have to do is record when I receive items - letters and magazines - that they send to me through the post. For months, I have been receiving "The Law Society Journal" and "Steam Engine Weekly"(yawn yawn!!), but for the last couple of months they have been sending me "Olive" and its fab!! Perfect reading on a summers evening on the lawn and both magazines for nowt!!


...Nina Nixon... said...

I'm not very good with plants - sorry, but Olive Magazine well one of theie writers lives in Broadstairs and also has a cafe!

Sorry for the non related comment!!

Nina x

Caroline said...

Olive is probably my favourite foodie magazine of all, so nice of Royal Mail to send it to you. Hope for Delicious next, that is fab too!
Or indeed, Gardener's world... I have no clue what your plant is, my it could be some bolted salad stuff, as I have some that bolted and the flowers look remarkably similar.

Lisa said...

Can't help you with the plant I.D either I'm afraid.
Enjoy your mags.
S's new dress is actually for a 6 yr old so I hope it will still fit by September!
Lisa x

noelle said...

not sure about your plant, maybe clare over at summerfete and thisgardenslife will have an idea. I too have a mag addiction, things like country living, ideal home etc i just have to have them!!ooh thunderstorms tomorrow so they tell me , can't wait, don't like it too hot! x x

Rosie said...

Not sure about your plants - although the leaf formation is familiar in the way the long stem comes through the leaf the way it does I can't place it at the moment. I stopped buying glossy magazines a couple of years ago I love them but they are too expensive now - I pick up the free ones in supermarkets and sometimes buy Sainsbury's magazine because it is under £2 and also sometimes our local North Staffs mag because that also is under £2. Olive looks good - hope you receive some more interesting ones again next time:)

Michela said...

Good morning Diane!
I had something similar in my kitchen garden last year, I think it's just a spontaneous plant..
Have a nice day, hope you have air at office..!!

Michela said...

P.S.Hope you're not angry with me!!! ;)

JuliaB said...

I'm the same with magazines, used to buy loads but then realised that I am paying loads to be advertised at! So now I just get the odd craft magazine. Blogs are much better than mags anyway, lots of real life stuff, plenty of inspiration and no advertising! But i'm curious about how you become a survey person for royal mail! x

Anonymous said...

Yea, they always give away OLIVE magazine at the Ludlow Food Festival in September. Great Magazine and great festival!!
Louise x

lesley said...

Hello Diane,
What a pretty flower..I wondered if it could be this?