Monday 18 October 2010


Saturday afternoon saw the sun shining really brightly, creating shadows on my house wall.


and the climbing Hydrangea.

And in the back garden was the most amazing rainbow.

Shortly after, the sun was no more and the heavens opened. But at least I had captured these magical moments forever.


Colette said...

Photo's are just so amazing aren't they.

Have a lovely week.

Colette xx

BadPenny said...

I had the exact same plants casting shadons at the front yesterday.
This morning, I rushed to get the camera for the stunning sunrise over the Island and... it hid behind a cloud ! Fabulous rainbow.

Gilly said...

Lovely shadows - and great photos! But didn't get any rainbows this side of the Pennines!

No crock of gold for us then ;(

Rosie said...

Lovely photos! I'm envious of your agapanthus - I had a blue one in a pot for years but unfortunately it didn't make it through last winter - I've really missed it this summer:)

menopausalmusing said...

We had an amazing rainbow here on Saturday too........ I didn't photograph it but posted about it. They have such magic, don't they?

A garden just outside Venice said...

We had a very cold and rainy Sunday, more suitable to the end of November than to our general mild mid October!
Diane, what can I say?! I'm really impressed by your photographic skills!

diane b said...

Neat shadows and beaut rainbow.

Living the frugal life in France said...

Lovely pictures. It was very cold and grey this weekend here, I think you had all the sun in the uk instead of us. It was 2° this morning on the way into work

topchelseagirl said...

Wow fab rainbow photo! x

Vintage Tea Time said...

Beautiful photos - well done1 Hard to capture a rainbow. Love the exotic fungi - the red one looks as if it should have a little elf atop it!

Lisa said...

That is a fab rainbow. Hope this weekend was better all round for everyone.
Lisa xxx

Lisa said...

I love Cluedo. In fact I'm not sure why we hadn't bought it before now. It was a charity shop find Sat morning for £1.50! We all love the film Clue and T really enjoyed playing it. Shall have to call you DI Heartsahped from now on!
Lisa x