Sunday 12 July 2009


Hi All,
My comments to your blogs and indeed posts on here may be much reduced from me this week. I have developed what the Doctor calls a "painful arc" in my right upper arm. Movement in my arm is very much restricted and I am tring to prevent a "frozen Shoulder" . I can't drive, or do anything much with it at the moment and it is unbelievably painful. Michela, you may have to come round and swiffer for me!!!


Lyn said...

Oh no! now cleaning!!!!

Lyn said...

That was suppose to say "Oh No, No Cleaning"

Beki said...

Hmmm, what caused that, too much playing on the pooter? lol!
All joking aside, I hope it gets better soon, must be very restricting and a pain in the backside aswell.
Take care
Beki xxx

The sewing room said...

Hope you feel better soon,make the most of it and put your feet up and have a nice rest,have a super week.


Lisa said...

Oh no! I hope it doesn't curtail your blog reading and anything else of upmost importance!
Take care and a speedy recovery.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Oh, dear, poor you - hope it doesn't get too painful - have a good rest to avoid that frozen shoulder - lift nothing more than a coffee cup and a good book:) Take care and get well soon,xx

Michela said...

..Diane I'm flying to you!
I'm sorry to hear such a bad news from you, hope you'll get better very soon!

The Ample Cook said...

Wish you well Diane. Hope it's not too painful. Can you get chocolate on prescription? ;)

Gilly said...

Oh you poor thing! Sounds so painful. You be careful now, and don't try to do things you shouldn't!

Get better soon! X

lesley said...

Sorry to hear that!
I had a similar problem last year...thought I use my left hand wasn't until I had an MRI scan they found 3 discs has slipped in my neck, so I'm saying just rest & let the body heal itself, (being a Mum now lol)I'll be popping back to check on you

Jennyff said...

Oh sorry to hear you are suffering. I developed frozen shoulder recently, I won't go on about it but unless you have a steroid injection, time is the main healer. Just take it easy, be nice to yourself, there's nothing else to do. Get well soon.

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I have suffered from frozen shoulder a few times and a physiotherapist can help a lot. Mine applied heat packs and little electrodes to help loosen up the muscles before they did their usual pushing and pulling. They also gave me a few exercises to do to help strengthen the area. I hope you feel better soon.

...Nina Nixon... said...

I hope you feel better soon?

take care,

Nina x

walter and me said...

Ouch! Hope you have a speedy recovery Diane.

Shabby Chick said...

Ouch, that sounds awful. I really hope you're back to normal quickly.

Hugs, Mel xxx

The sewing room said...

Thank,s for dropping by l hope you are feeling better l agree with you about pets but digger has been with us a lot of years now and the chilldren and grandchildren love him and he,s become a member of our family he,s an old man now and given us plenty of fun and love and he,s been company for me it's just the heart break now that,s hard to cope with still life goes on hugs Pat

sarah-jane down the lane said...

Oh bother! And I was hoping to try out my new Scratch and sniff research with you!

Take care and soon it will all be well again x