Sunday 5 July 2009

Ready steady, go

(Photo is courtesy of the Renault Racing website as the dancing queen has hogged the camera all weekend - must add to birthday list!!)

We spent Saturday at Silverstone race track. For the last few years, we have managed to obtain (freebie) tickets for the Renault Racing Weekend. Its a fabulous weekend with a great family atmosphere. There's lots of racing to watch - with the odd exciting pile up!! And the young man gets very excited looking around the V.I.P car park at all the V expensive cars. I get very excited by the catering vans - no really, you should see them. These are the ones that each race team brings with them. They start off as really big articulated lorry's, but each side pulls out to make enormous great spaces. The Spanish Red Bull teams was the best (in my opinion). One side pulled out to make the swishest looking "Diner" I had ever seen - complete with beautiful floral table arrangements. Their chefs make everyone in the team - drivers, mechanics, sponsors, wifes, kids, general hangers on'ers, breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks in between and the food looks top notch. Its great to be able to snoop around behind the pit stops - not something you are normally allowed to do. We got to see Nigel Mansell too (His son was racing in one of the very fast cars!!) .

Today is the Dancing Queens 17th Birthday. Its the first birthday she has chosen not to spend with her family, but with her friends. Whilst I have missed her terribly, by all acounts, she's had a great time (I have to pick her up in half an hour) and I am really glad that she has the confidence to start spreading her wings.


Michela said...

Happy birthday to your Dancing Queen!!! :)
Did you meet also Flavio Briatore at Silverstone?!

Mrs D's Recipes For Life said...

Hi, Diane thanks for dropping by and leaving a comment for me. It's so nice to hear from other bloggers. I have been made to feel very welcome!
I do, however, have loads of reading to do as everyone's blogs are so interesting :)
Happy birthday to Dancing Queen!
Kelly x

Lisa said...

Have left a message for DQ on her blog, but just in case she doesn't get it HAPPY BIRTHDAY from all of us here!
Lisa x

jo said...

Sounds like a great day out. I managed to get tickets last year but in the end we couldn't make it so gave them away to a friend who said he had a brilliant day out. We like fast cars in our house too. Dad and Lad off on a track day in two weeks time.

Happy Birthday to the Dancing Queen, wait till next years!!

Diane said...

Forgot to say that my favorite racing driver was Bertrand Baguette - for his name alone!!!

jo said...

Thanks for he comments Diane. I get most of my fabric off Ebay, its too easy to keep pressing the buy button!
Think your lad would like enjoy a day in our garages, we got 2 karts, Westfield, and a couple of minis, one with an R1 engine in it.
Will do a post with some photos of them sometime.

Jo xx

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Dancing Queen!!! Glad you had a great weekend..all sounds VERY glamorous!!

Louise x

Rosie said...

Looks like a great day! The catering vans sound wonderful. Hope your Dancing Queen had a super birthday. Blists Hill is a great day out isn't it?

lesley said...

Hello Diane
I'm glad you enjoyed the racing, this so takes me back to the good old days...we took our son to Donnington (when he was karting in the early 90's)..guess who was racing? Nigel Yay! what a bonus!
Would your young man like a copy of the photo I took?
Let me know I'll get Baz to copy & send. :0)

Lyn said...

Oh my hubby will be so jealous of your weekend at the racetrack!