Wednesday 15 July 2009

Allsorts of good news

Many thanks to all who enquired about the arm - touch wood it feels as if its clearing up. Ive got movement back in it, and it feels as if Ive been thumped in it rather than broken it.

More good news - I wandered over to my neighbours house last night to confess that I had liberated her rubbish. She was thrilled to bits as no one she knows will take these off her hands!!!! She says when she has read them, she will just post them through my door!!! Result! I did get a sneaky peak in Noelle, and she could easily be featured in a "Beautiful Homes" magazine, but then she is mid fifties, with no male about the house and no kids. It looked like an oasis in cream and sumptuous carpets and beautiful lamps. Hope she doesn't go nosing through my letter box or she will see my dire need for this stash!!

Even more good news - I have secured freebie tickets for next week to go and see this wonderful looking film starring the lovely lovely Audrey Tatou. It promises to be divine reading the synopsis - and right up my street - women sewing frocks! (I used to love House of Elliott!!!- the repeats just make me laugh though!!). I'll let you know what I think, but my judgment is always rosy tinted when it is a freebie!

I bought this jigsaw for 50p in the charity shop - I thought it might amuse me if it rained - I can't get near it!! I forget, and they forget that old fashioned amusement can still be had when you are an uber cool teenager!
Last week, the dancing queen and some of her Sheffield dance crew, danced in the "In my shoes" festival. The festival was to promote tolerance and the idea that you shouldn't judge without walking in another persons shoes. Several stories were told on the podium - especially from people who had ended up in Sheffield from all around the world - some immigrants, some athletes, some with work - and it was heart warming to hear these stories. I came away with a bit of enlightenment and also learned a lesson. A few of my daughters friends friends came along to watch the girls. Now these were big looking, ethnic looking, hoody type looking lads. The type that would normally scare me if I had to pass them in the street, but on chatting to them they were lovely young men. On the second dance "set" someone had forgotten to bring the music and so the girls played the first set of music and asked every one to join in. Everybody got really shy, but I "bullied" the young lads to join in - then every body else joined in. One of them told the dancing queen afterwards that they thought her mum was very scary!!!!!!!
Its official - I am scarier than a "hoody"! It's made me laugh all week


Colette said...

Glad you arm is getting better. Haven't been to the post yet (sorry) but hopefully get it all sorted tonight (if I can stop reading blogs!!)

You must be a very proud Mum.

Colette x

Lyn said...

Thanks for the lovely comment about Bob on my blog-much appreciated!

Lisa said...

Glad to hear your arm is on the mend.
Film looks very intersting, hope it lives up to expectations.
I used to love the Hosue of Elliott too, but it all looks very naff on the repeats!
Lisa x

Julia said...

I was nuts about 'House of Elliott', but did you ever see French & Saunders send-up of it around the same time - it was HILARIOUS?

I love the sound of the 'In my Shoes' festival - if only more people would think along these lines, we would have a much more tolerant society - people are often so quick to judge others, but maybe that's life!

Julia :0)

Cal said...

That's so funny about the scary hoody!

Cal x

sarah-jane down the lane said...

be careful or next time you will get an ASBO and then your Street Cred. will go through the roof, ha!
Glad your arm is getting better:) x

Rosie said...

Like the look of that film - love Audrey Tautou - have you seem Amelie and A Very Long Engagement? Wonderful films. Like you I loved the House of Elliott when it was on. Great about the magazines! The Dance Festival looks great fun. Good news about your arm - hope it continues to feel better:)

MelMel said...

Hello... I was near your pub last week....we stayed near Hawes a little village called Bainbridge....lovely area!x

noelle said...

well i am glad your arm is getting better! Right so , no man and no kids makes for a beautiful house hmmm a beautiful house but not much of a home i shouldn't think!!! By the way i thought of you today , there was a heartshaped puddle on the pier, sadly i didn't have my camera. Its been p*****g down all day today:(

...Nina Nixon... said...

Glad your arm is on the mend.

Have a lovely weekend,

Nina x

menopausalmusing said...

Thanks for leaving comment on my blog. I like your outlook on life! Loved the posts about recycling your neighbour's magazines and also the one about the "hoodies". I am going to add you to my ever growing list of blogs I read. x

Lazylol said...

Diane - glad to hear your arm is getting better. i am just catching up with your blog and reading some of the posts i've missed recently.
I am in awe of your magazine find!

Michela said...

Hi Diane!
Hope your arm is ok now (or quite so!) ...
I must hoard some money in case you'll win my giveaway...
Where are you taking us these weekend? Is your Christmas shopping all done? ;-)
Take care!!!