Tuesday 28 July 2009


I find it unbelievable to think that a total stranger see's something, during the course of her working day, that she thinks I might like, and buys it for me. That's exactly what Lydia did whilst on a course in her new job. She was at the Cavendish Cancer Care centre in Sheffield, and remembered that I like the artist Pete McKee's work. Pete had donated a piece of artwork to be used on their bags to be sold for fundraising. Lydia contacted me and asked if I would be offended if she sent it to me!! Its really lovely and I used it when I went to the swimming baths earlier today - and I shall be taking it to the beach with me next week.

However, it doesn't end there. She also sent me

just in case I was disappointed with the bag!! Many many thanks Lydia, not only do you restore my faith in woman kind (which has taken a bit of a battering over previous years!) but I totally love my wonderful gifts. Blogging is the best!!

Just to prove that all the bees are in South Yorkshire, and that they do prefer blue flowers, I couldn't resist posting these photo's that I took on my walk on Sunday. The plant was practically humming!!!

The young man is back from his adventures - finally! They were delayed when the coach driver got stopped for speeding and then didn't have up to date documentation!! and he couldnt pay his on the spot fine!! so the headmaster had to step in. I had a text from the young man to say that he was listening to Michael Buble's version of "Home" on his ear phones!! Any way, he has returned a good 6 inches taller, more muscular and totalling brimming with confidence. He has had a great time - and he slept over 13 hours last night!!


Lisa said...

Even the youing man's journey home was an adventure! Glad to hear he's back safe and sound.
What a fab parcel to get through the post, I wouldn't want to use the ribbon!
Lisa x

Beki said...

I have to agree with you about Steve Jones. I didn't watch the film but did walk in at the end and got a nice little glimpse of him....mmmmmm mmmmmm!
Lydia is such a gorgeous lady and I so admire her for the job she does, lovely gifts!
Have a great week
Beki xxx

Shabby Chick said...

Glad to hear your boy's back safe :)

What lovely things from Lydia!

Mel xxx

...Nina Nixon... said...

Blogging is defintely the best!

Nina x

ps. sorry about the post pipping!

Michela said...

Hi Diane!
Don't mind about the postage...I will be glad to send you all the Italian sunshine you need + a sticky and humid heatwave...I'm sitting on the sofa just writing you and I'm sweating..
We'll miss you a lot next week..are you leaving for your beloved Cornwall?
What a nice gift you had!

Jennyff said...

Such nice gifts but the random act of kindness is priceless. Glad your faith is being restored, there are lots of wonderful people in the world and many of them are bloggers.

Cal said...

What lovely gifts and such kindness. Very heart warming. Love your pics of bees.
Cal x

Rebecca said...

What lovely gifts, Lydia is very thoughtful, its good to know that there are still some kind hearted people in the world, restores your faith in human nature. We can never have enough bees.


What beautiful gifts Diane, how lovely of Lydia! Love the bee and flower photos too. Sending best wishes, Carolyn (see Mixed Media Textile Art for a weather report in St. Ives today!)



Rosie said...

What lovely gifts - how kind and thoughtful! Hope you have a great holiday next week:)

Joshy and belle said...

thats so lovely, every now and then really lovely people come along! xx

Colette said...

Hello Diane.

I have finally posted off your patchwork bits. Sorry it has been so long to get them to you.


Lazylol said...

Lucky you! What a lovely thing to do.
Glad your boy is back safe and well ♥

Gilly said...

What a lovely friend to have! Cherish her!

And PLEASE send some bees over the Pennines! Nothing seems to have any, and my beans have stopped growing and the flowers unpollinated.

What is going on??

lesley said...

I'm just so pleased to hear everyone's home safe & sound!!
He'll treasure those memories though.
I thought your gifts were beautiful & it does restore your faith in mankind...or should I say womankind?
What a lovely thing to do!l