Monday 6 July 2009

Off with the fairy's

Glad to report that the Daisy's in my garden finally came out - and are now getting battered by a huge storm.

The Sweet Peas continue to flower in abundance and they smell divine.
Also - my Dad called yesterday - he said that he never gave me the mystery plant and he thinks its a weed! I think it may have been in the mixed lettuce packet - but I'm not eating it just in case.
People often comment that they think I am a bit "off with the fairy's" and I take this as a comment (probably because I am a bit off with the fairy's!!) I believe that Fairy lights are for life - and not just for Christmas. I have them in my climbing rose my my front door - I tried to take a photo, but it didn't come out right. The closest I got to a half decent shot was of the fairy lights around the edge of my conservatory. Incidently, since I put these up, several of the neighbours have copied, which makes the back gardens look lovely of an evening. I don't have the ones on at the front of the house all the time, but on birthdays and relaxing weekend evenings, they create a lovely holiday atmosphere at home.


Beki said...

I'm with you on the fairy lights, I love them and yes they should most definately be up all year round.
We're seriously short on plug sockets in our flat so I don't have as many as i'd like. In my old house I had them everywhere.
Those daisies are gorgeous!
Have a great week
Beki xxx

MarmaladeRose said...

I'm a fairy light fan too! I have mine around the big mirror in the kitchen, they make it feel much more cosy in there. I keep meaning to put some inside the wood burning stove so that it looks like its lit in summer when we don't use it. (did that make sense?)

Blueberry Heart said...

I love fairy lights any time of the year!The conservatory looks great. Have you tried solar powered ones in the garden? They are a great invention, I tried to photo them in mine but they didnt come out too good!!

BH x

...Nina Nixon... said...

Absolutely - fairy lights all year round!!

I have them strewn around the house and garden - they make the perfect subtle lighting.

Nina x

Colette said...

Ha Ha!!! So many of us seem to have them all year round. I love mine.

Colette xx

Lisa said...

Another fairy light lover here!
I have them in the kitchen round the window and round the mirrir in the front room.
I'm wondering how often the washbag will be out of T's suitcase whilst he's away, but as long as he's having a brill time I don't mind!
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Love your fairy lights - I'd like to have some of those dragonfly shaped ones for our conservatory - they look so pretty on warm, summer evenings:)

Julia said...

Yoo Hoo Im back!!

Thank you for your lovely message, was nice to come home and find that! Aren't fairy lights the best? Im like you, an all-year-rounder when it comes to twinkly lights, and I have them festooned in the kitchen and all around the arch in our garden - so very pretty!

Love J xxx

Anonymous said...

I too collect heart shaped pebbles... once found literally hundreds at Seil Island, west coast of Scotland,found myself picking them up only to put them down when I found a 'better' one lol! I now only have one,they are not really pebbles but flakes of sea worn slate.
I like daisies too. love the table cloth from WW11. Sandie (Sandie's Patch)

Gilly said...

If you want fairy lights, Diane, you have 'em!! Last lot we had blew the fuses!

My daisies are coming out too, and they got a bit battered, but are bravely perking up again!

By the way, love your heart-shaped pebbles, been meaning to say so for ages!!

Lyn said...

I've tagged you!

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, what a lovely idea of fairy lights around the home all year round. I think I’m going to flow suit and put our Christmas ones up somewhere. From one fairy to another, ‘Keep on fluttering Baby, it’s the magic that makes it all worth while!’

lesley said...

Hello Diane
I see we're walking up the same path..I love the fairy lights!
I put some round my palm plant in the lobby at Christmas, they looked so pretty I didn't take them down & now everyone that leaves the house at night says " oh what a good idea" lol

Unknown said...

Yeah good Idea,
I liked the heart stoned shapes.