Monday 20 July 2009

Wentworth Garden Centre

After we had dropped the young man off to catch his coach, hubby and I went to Wentwrth Garden Centre for a few supplies (supports for battered plants!!). It was really warm and muggy, but the sky was turning black all around us.
Behind the garden centre are old ornamental gardens. The Garden centre itself sits in the old kitchen gardens to the big house. The ornemental gardens are great to wander around and they are totaly free (as is the parking). They have just opened a Maze too - which hubby and I couldn't resist.

At the side of the sunken garden is an enormous conker tree. I used to bring the young man here to collect conkers when he was little. We noticed that there are loads on this year.
The summer house is very pretty and has an open fire in it.

The Acers are a pretty colour with the last of the blue sky and sunshine behind them.
These are all that remain of the old greenhouses in the walled garden - I hope that they restore these in years to come. One of my all time favorite TV programs EVER was "The Victorian Kitchen Garden" with Harry Dodds (and also the Victorian Kitchen with Ruth Mott.) I heard the music from it the other day on Classic FM and it made me want to be in Harry's garden. The potting sheds etc are all still intact to these greenhouses - its just the glass etc from the front that is missing.

I realised that I shall soon be onto my 100th post!!! (I didnt realise I talked that much!!) so I am making something for a giveaway. Stay tuned.


Cal said...

Lovely pics. Hope the young man has a great time away. Intrigued by the daisies!
Cal x

Lisa said...

Hope your young man has a brill time and you don't miss him too much!
100 posts? Does time fly?!
Lisa x

MelMel said...

Looks an interesting visit the figue is brill...x

noelle said...

bet young man has a wicked time! giveaway sounds interesting, i thought i might do one for my 150th. It doesn't seem 5 mins since your very first post, my goodness diane you can't 'alf talk woman!!!!! he he ooh noelle you cheeky mare!!

Lazylol said...

Wow Diane - 100 posts! You are a good blogger.
The gardens look beautiful, thanks for sharing.

Michela said...

Hi Diane!
How are you? How is your arm now?
I really envy you...lot of beautiful places to visit in the surroundings..
You're missing a big party!!!

noelle said...

hey Diane, are you spying on us down here!! Blogland wouldn't be the same without you and i'm sure everyone will agree! have a good week!!

Cal said...

Diane - I remember those teenage years only too well! Baby grands are much easier - recommend!
Cal :>

Jennyff said...

Visiting a garden centre is always a treat but having an actual garden as well is a huge bonus. Looks brilliant.

Karen said...

Beautiful pictures. Thank you!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Ahhhhh big sigh a summer house 'with' a fireplace and conkers delight!

Nina x

ps. I didn't want to wash the face paints off, but she had already done it before I could stop her at bedtime - at least I have the photos.