Sunday 19 July 2009

Ashford In the Water

The young man is departing for the Ardeche region of France shortly on a school trip. He is going on a water sports holiday and won't have his mummy stopping him from partaking in dangerous activities. He is looking forward to it, mummy's got a big knot in her stomach!! We decided he could choose lunch before our walk yesterday, and he requested Steak Pie in a pub, so we headed to Ashford in the Water as they have a couple of lovely pubs. I could live in Ashford in the Water. It is so picture postcard pretty and surrounded by beautiful countryside and walks.

After Steak Pie, we headed to the village shop for supplies for our walk - it is a lovely little shop selling everything. The owner is a bit grumpy sometimes though. He appears to work in the shop 7 days a week. I once engaged him in conversation and he told me that he used to be cabin crew for British Airways and he had retired. The shop was his retirement project. My retirement project will hopefully not see me working 7 days a week!!! Any way, the displays outside of his shop were very colourful.

The village is situated on the river Wye as it flows through on its way to Bakewell. This is the lovely little packhorse bridge.

It has lots of little cottages and a lot of these are now holiday cottages, but it also has lots of houses where Mr Darcy would come calling too.


Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Diane, I hope the young man’s trip goes well. He’ll be home safe and sound before you know it. Oh I adore Mr Darcy, well Colin Firth anyway; so smouldering, so dark and handsome. I’ve told Mr Bee I only like Darcy as he reminds me of him ;)

Lx @ Twelve said...

I love Ashford in the Water - I went to school in Bakewell, so its old stomping ground! I was over at M&D's yesterday - so we were only 10 mins away from you & yours....

Will email you - sorry not been a good blogger over the past couple of weeks!



Lazylol said...

Diane - you certainly do visit some of the prettiest places. Don't worry about the school trip, he'll be fine!
I suffered from grumpy stall holder at the car boot sale this morning. They certainly know how to get rid of customers!

Rosie said...

Isn't Ashford in the Water a lovely village? I love that shop it has just about everything you could want. Your photos are lovely and the colours of the produce outside the shop are wonderful. I noticed when we went in there last year that the people didn't seem overly friendly - now I know why:) Hope your son has a wonderful time - you are bound to worry whilst he is away.

Michela said...

What a lovely place!
Diane, we could do an exchange..

Shabby Chick said...

Those are beautiful pictures Diane! Looks gorgeous.

I hope your son will have a very fun and SAFE trip, it's all mums' jobs to worry nonstop as far as I can tell so far!

Mel xxx

Sal said...

Fabulous photos!
I'm sure your son will have a great time and will soon come back to give you huge hugs!
My son has, today, gone off on a 'jolly' for a week up north...I know he'll have a wonderful time but I'll be glad when he returns!

Jennyff said...

That is a pretty place, love the houses. You've given the boy a good send off, he'll defintely be rushing home for more steak pie, who wouldn't,

...Nina Nixon... said...

Such a beautiful place and your photos are fantastic.

Have a lovely week,

Nina x

ps. no more elderflower champers - it doesn't last long does it?? I think we have a couple of bottles left though not for long!

Gilly said...

I love Ashford, and Bakewell is lovely, too. Especially the pudding!

lesley said...

Ahh.. Mr D'Arcy have to put him before Mr Martin I think.
And don't worry about the young man, our son went on the same trip, then came home & told me they had canoed right the way through it!!! He had a fantastic time though & such great memories.
Ashford in the Water looks beautiful Diane.