Sunday 29 August 2010

Survival Kit

The young man plays cricket. Sometimes, they call him up to play with the big boys of the senior team. He still likes us to go and watch him, and I still enjoy being there to see him take a catch etc, but it can be an endurance test when I have to go on my own when hubby is working.

Sitting in a field in all weathers from noon until around 7.30pm on my own, requires a survival kit. This week I took:

Large flask, a magazine, a book, embroidery, suncream, lipsalve, a sun top, a fleecey top, a padded coat, combat trousers that could be rolled up - or down, kagoul, umberella, snacks, chair, blanket, sunglasses, "readers" and thick padded coat.

I used everything in my survival kit - sometimes all at once!


Unknown said...

I only ever used to go to watch Notts when it was decent weather. You can be there for hours can't you??? :O)

I'm intrigued about that embroidery you've got stuffed in your 'survival' bag!!!!


A garden just outside Venice said...

Survival, eh?! time I would suggest you to take with you also your laptop! Or do you have an i-phone?! :)

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

You'd make a marvellous boy scout .... all prepared and all that! Sensible gal ..... I'd need lots of caffiene to keep me awake x

Lyn said...

Thats Britain for you!

Rowan said...

I can well believe that you used it all - it sounds a really good survival kit too. DH watches cricket in all weathers but I prefer it with a bit of sun on my back:)

Lisa said...

All clothing needed for a bank holiday weekend! I do enjoy a good cricket match.
Lisa x

Rosie said...

Great survival kit! Another of your posts to bring back memories for me. My step-dad used to play cricket and most summer Saturday afternoons were spent around a cricket pitch - Dad on the field and Mum helping with the teas! If there was no cricket to be played a car ride to Edwinstowe or Clumber Park would find one to sit and watch - at least Mum and I could have a wander round to relieve the boredom:)

Carol said...

Excellent survival kit.
Love cricket, used to score for some matches in local Infirmary league.
So sad, the controversy over "match fixing" this weekend.