Monday 30 August 2010

Wentworth Castle

Its been a while since I took you to Wentworth Castle - remember I bought a ticket for a years worth of entry for myself and Mr Heartshaped - so when we are skint, we go for a walk here as its only 10 minutes away too.

The colours in the gardens have changed very much since last times visit.

Ive no idea what this plant is, but it was very lovely.

It won't be long before these are changing colour.

Spot the bee.

They had a lovely dahlia patch.

I did love all the purple flowers. (spot another bee!)

They are doing a couple of tours of the house in September. It is a college, so it wont be like touring Chatsworth etc - but still worth a visit.
Views over towards Barnsley.

The skies were very blue, but it was so windy!

I'll bring you back when the leafs turn.
As a bit of a bonus, the "friends" of Wentworth Castle have been having a book, plant, CD and Bricabrac stall over the summer to help raise money for the Conservatory restoration. I picked up this adorable painted glass dish for £1.00


A garden just outside Venice said...

May I book a seat on the Heartshaped coach for your Autumn visit, please?!
Amazing place!

Rowan said...

A nice place to have on your doorstep, the gardens look really attractive and it must be lovely once the trees start changing colour.

Rebecca said...

the flowers look great, what a nice way to spend several hours, I can see why you like going there x

Lynne said...

What a beautiful dish! Lucky you to have some lovely gardens to visit on your doorstep.

andamento said...

Gorgeous photos. It looks a lovely place to visit, especially if it's only 10 mins away. Fab!

JP said...

love the dish - really pretty

Lisa said...

Yes that green plant is lovely, though I've no clue what it is either. Look forward to the aumtumn walk you'll take us on.
Lisa x

Kathy said...

Looks like a lovely place to visit on a nice day! We've had the best day of the summer here today .. blue sky and warm too. Just in time for the new school term!
Love Kathy xxx

Ray+Joan said...

I spotted both bees & thought all the flowers looked beautiful

John Going Gently said...

I do miss yorkshire and Chatsworth much.....

I used to walk the dogs up at REDMIRES beyond LODGE MOOR every day......
nice memories