Thursday 2 July 2009

Hot Stuff

For those of you complaining about the extreme heat - welcome to my world!! This is was it feels like to be peri-menopausal - constantly!! I am enjoying the hot weather though - but I wish I didnt have to go to work in it. Hot days should be declared Bank Holidays if you ask me!!

The picture is just down the lane from here and in 1980, I nearly bought the little white cottage. It was for sale for £15,000 but it was derelict and needed about another £15,000 spending on it and that was too much money.


The Ample Cook said...

I'm with you there. It's hell in this weather isn't it? I now realise what my poor mum went through.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad my HRT has kicked in and the hot flushes are gone, didn't enjoy those after my op!
It's very cloudy here today, maybe we'll have a cooler one down south.
Lisa x

Michela said...

Hi Diane!
I'm sweating too,it's very humid!
What a lovely place you live with that amount you can buy only a small car..!!

Diane said...

I have to say its worth around £450,000 these days - probably more!!!!

Gilly said...

Lovely photo, Diane! Yes, that cottage would be worth nearly £half a million now! And you would have had to spend twice as much as you had estimated on bringing it up to scratch!

And yes, its far too hot for me!! And my hat fevers terrible!!

...Nina Nixon... said...

Menopause - now that one I'm not looking forward to!

Nina x

Rosie said...

I feel for you with these hot nights - very uncomfortable in the summer! Your photo of the cottage is lovely - house prices have changed so much over the years - we bought our first house in 1979 for £5,000 - which was a huge amount to us then:)

Lazylol said...

I agree - hot days = Bank holidays, lets start a petition!

I suppose in 1980 £30,000 was a lot, if only we knew then what we know now (god I really am starting to sound like my mohter!)