Saturday 11 April 2009

The Chip Butty Walk

This was todays walk - We do this walk often as it isnt far to drive out to. It's only 6 miles out from Sheffield and the kids like it as half way round you can get an enormous chip butty from Grindleford old station cafe. We started off on the Longshaw estate (National Trust) and walked down to Padley Gorge. This is a very popular spot in summer with families picnicing on the side of the stream.

This is the railway tunnel that runs from Grindleford to Dore and is over 3 miles long. The railway runs from Sheffield across the Pennines to Manchester.

And here is the old station cafe. The menu is vast and they do a PINT!!! of Horlicks for £2.05.

The said chip butties - note that I only had a childs portion (still plenty though!!)

Then back up the very steep hill to the Longshaw Estate. You can't look around the house, which I believe was an old hunting lodge as it is now split into apartments.

We called back at Hathersage on the way home and I had to stop at the David Mellor cutlery factory to see if they had any bargains in the gorgeous shop (they didnt). I had forgotten tha as well as being a silversmith and designer of cutley, David Mellor also designed the traffic lights that we have here in the UK today. Its a great little centre if you ever get chance to call as it also has a lovely looking cafe (mental note to self - must try and incorporate this into next visit).

Hathersage also has an outdoor swimming pool - a fabulous Lido that the locals were making the most of today (it was sunny, but there was a freezing cold nip in the air, but we are tough up north!). Its a great setting for a swim.

Hope you are all enjoying your Easter break. I'm back at home now with that lovely tired feeling that you get from a long and lovely walk. The tea is on, and the vin rouge is opened. Bliss.


Lisa said...

You are so lucky to have so many beautiful places to visit near you.
Have a glass for me.
I'm green with envy over your chats with David Essex!

Lazylol said...

A walk is always good when there is a cafe stop involved. I am going to do those walks you mentioned this summer, they look lovely. I am always on the look out for new walks. My parents will want to do them too - they are near Sheffield and feature chip shops (my dads two favourite things in the world!)

Gilly said...

My favourite kind of countryside :) Must get to Hathersage, I didn't know David Mellor was there. Not that I need any traffic lights! ;) Do you ever get to Macclesfield? The Heritage Centre and Paradise Mill are very interesting, and there are lovely walks in macclesfield Forest. But I expect you know that!