Tuesday 21 April 2009

My date with the worlds dishiest bloke.

Hubby and I both had a day off work today, so we decided to go on a "date". We saw the kids off to school, packed a flask and a full tear and share brioche, and headed on out. I had been interested to read Lyn's account on her blog (over at Everyday Life) of some of the Saddleworth Villages - just across the Penines from us, and as I had never ventured over this way (ever) I thought that this would be a good place to go.
The scenery as we travelled across the moors was spectcular to say the least. It felt as if we were driving across the surface of the moon in some parts.
We arrived in Uppermill, a really pretty little town, and we walked from the town, along the canal to the entrance to the tunnel. The canal tunnel apparently is over 3 miles long and cuts through the Penines. They dug it out - over a period of 16years, using only dynamite, picks and shovels. We stopped a couple of times en route for coffee and Brioche . The towns in this area are completely surrounded by the high moors. I did think that sunrise must happen later than anywhere else in Britain here, and sunset earlier.
This is the entrance to the tunnel, and the blue plaque was to Thomas Telford who they had to drag in to finish the project when the original engieer died before the tunnel had been finished. We had a great day, so many many thanks to Lyn for the inspiration ( Ididn't find Jeans shop though, so I'll have to go back for another look!!)


Lyn said...

Well it's my pleasure! So glad you had a lovely day. Try and get to Dobcross, delph and diggle if you can, all worth a look.

Anonymous said...

So romantic and lovely pics :o)

Lisa said...

What a lovely day, just the two of you.
Like the sound of the brioche too!

Cooking with the Joneses said...

I love the history lesson!
What a peaceful place, it's nice to get away together, & thanks for sharing.
We're off to the London for the weekend, for the Marathon, but I'm hoping to get down to the Brunel Museum in Rotherhithe Sat afternoon, before they close all the roads.