Friday 10 April 2009

Plan B

Today we decided to go to the coast - Bridlington, Filey or Whitby were hot favorites, but after close scrutiny of the weather, we changed to plan B which was a walk in Debyshire. Some time ago, I found a great website on the internet with details of loads of really nice walks between 3 and 10 miles long. We have slowly been working through them, and today we chose this one Which starts off at Cromford Mill - just past Matlock Bath.

But first of all, because we were so near, we made an unscheduled stop at the John Smedley Factory shop. I'd wanted to visit here for a long time. John Smedley sell their goods in Harrods, Harvey Nicks and the like, and I had heard tales of jumpers (usually £150) on sale in the factory shop for £10 - but alas the cheapest they had were £45 so still out of my price range. The factory and village is an amazing little place though and well worth the detour.

We parked at Cromford Mill itself. This is a collection of amazing buildings built by Sir Richard Arkwright in the 1700's. Masson Mill is close by too and you can see the weaving machines still in action there. The walk took us alonside the canal, up a steep railway incline, and then back into the town of Cromford itself.

I love the old mill workers cottages here. From the front, they look massive, but when you get a peek inside them, they have no depth to them, just one room on each floor.

I think that these were the offices to the mill at one time.

We called back in Matlock Bath for Fish and Chips - these would have tasted better at the seaside, but Matlock Fish and Chips come a pretty close 2nd. I also got to look in the fabulous fabric shop (that always seems to be shut whenever we visit), but I wasnt allowed to buy any!!

Spring "springs" late around these part, and this morning I noticed that the tulips were just starting to come out in the garden. Can you see the devil plant that is golden hops starting to creep up the fence? It looked so pretty and sweet when I bought a small pot of it at the school fair, but someone should have told me that it was no good for a pocket hankerchief size garden - and you just can't get rid of it! I spend all summer cutting it back so that it doesnt take over.

Ive also got loads of these this year in the garden - woodland violets. It seems to be a good year for them. These came from my Grandads garden. They remind me of him when they flower every year.
And finally, looked what had "Buy Me" written all over it ! This should make the housework a bit more fun!!


Twiggy said...

Haven't been to Matlock Bath for ages, Derbyshire is lovely isn't it? Hasn't the weather been dire today! We're going to the Yorkshire Coast tomorrow well sort of, all will be revealed later :) Great bucket. Have a Happy Easter.
Twiggy x

Lisa said...

Love the photos from your walk today.
That bucket was made for you!
Lisa x

Lyn said...

We went through Keithley today-right past the station and I just had to quote the line from Yanks-
"excuse me please, exscuse me, she's pregnant"
"So's half the bloody town love!"
Just think Richard Gere was here!

Lazylol said...

Sounds like a lovely day - I will have to add that walking site to my favourites, thanks for the tip.
That heart shaped bucket is just perfect for you!

Gilly said...

Its some time since I went to Cromford Mill - your photos brought it all back! Have you been to Styal Mill? Bit out of Derbyshire, just south of Manchester, but worth a visit. Beautiful walks from there too.

We are very close to Derbyshire, but alas my walking days are over. Small stroll is all I can manage now :(

Rosie said...

I love wandering round Cromford - so much history - funny that fabric shop always seems to be closed when we visit Matlock Bath too - as does the Victorian Tearooms with the little photographic museum upstairs - love the heart shaped bucket:)