Tuesday 21 April 2009

Snooker City

We thought that we would take a walk around Sheffield to see what was going on with the snooker. Whilst I'm not a snooker fan, it does bring a lovley buzz to the city centre and offers different things to look at. They erect a large tent type building in the middle of Tudor Square and this is where the commentators film from. You are allowed to wander in and out of here and watch/partake in demonstrations on a full size snooker table. We got to see Dennis Taylor and John Parrot whilst we were in here.

Nothing to do with snooker, but I couldnt delete it once I had added it, so here is the dragon in the Millenium Galleries made out of Sheffield Cutlery !!!

We had gone to see the latest work of one of our favorite artists Pete Mckee (his website is on my sidebar). He was chosen to be artist in residence last year for the snooker. He is exhibiting in the foyer at St Pauls Hotel. The Winter Gardens at the side of the hotel has a snooker related art exhibition too.

This is the Lyceum theatre - you can just see the large screen to the left of the picture that relays the live snooker.

And this is the Crucible theatre where the snooker actually takes place.

This is the city's latest car park!!! I think it's nickname is the sugar cube, but we call it the cheese grater. Its very fancy!


Anonymous said...

Amazing stuff! the cheese grater looks so science fiction. I like the dragon :3=

Rosie said...

Great photos - I love the dragon and the cheese grater:)

Lx @ Twelve said...

Hi Dianne,

Soo lovely to meet you - we are nearly on the same stomping ground! Spent my teenage years in the Peak district, & Sheffield is my nearest big town, so love all the pictures - Padley, Cromford Mill,Yorkshire Sculpture Park - all lovely places. M & D' s house looks back to the edges of Curbar & Baslow. I went & saw the Vivvienne Westwood exhibition in the Millenium Galleries last year..

& A huge Cornwall fan too!!!

Love Lydia xx

Lisa said...

The dragon is spectacular. I love the kinfe handles used as spines down his back.
And the car park is amazing.
You have so many lovely and interesting buildings in different locations.
Thanks for sharing them all.

Gilly said...

Love the cheese grater! And love the dragon even more!

Though its the "wrong" side of the Pennines, Sheffield certainly looks a fascinating city. ;)

Cooking with the Joneses said...

Our nephew's dream? To play at the Crucible...maybe one day


noelle said...

hi diane, you don't half get around don't you!! I have nothing much to show this week , its been a funny old week not really got back into the swing of things since the Easter holiday. Heres hoping next week will be a bit more interesting! see ya! xx