Sunday 26 April 2009

Sunday Morning Walk

My hubby worked nights yesterday, so was in bed for most of the day today. Dancing Queen was dancing, and the young man wanted to stay in and watch the Grand Prix. I found myself with no one to share the beautiful morning with, so can I share it with you? I decided I would go for a long walk and take some photographs of a couple of the Wentworth "follies" as I had promised you earlier in the week. The follies are spaced out on the furthest horizons from the big house. I couldn't resist taking a picture of this fabulous topiary in one of the cottage gardens.

I walked through The Old Building Yard and couldn't resist a look in a few of the shops. Lime Tree Interiors is scrumptious and The Emporium Antiques shop had some interesting pieces in. (A Union Jack leather pouffe might be worth a second look on payday)

This is the "Needles Eye". It is rumoured that the gentlemen from the big house and their friends used to race carriages through the eye of the needle. There can't have been much room either side.

Then I walked through a carpet of bluebells. There really is no other blue like bluebell blue. I realised recently that blue and green must be my favorite colours as my home is decorated in these colours. Whilst in Wentworth, I noticed that they had moonstones in the gem shop. Apparently blue means I am "Romantic" and green means that I am "normal". Most people who know me would say I have a romantic nature, but only I think I am normal - its every body else thats weird!!!

I don't particularly enjoy walking on my own, I would much rather have a companion - What's the use in finding an almost heart shaped stone when my lover man isn't there to share a kiss with.

From needles Eye, I walked towards the tiny hamlet unimaginatively called "Street" - it literally is a street. My next destination is Hoober Stand - thats the building poking out of the tree's in the distance.

Most of the houses in "Street" are still owned by the Wentworth Estate, but I did notice that this particular one was for sale. It has great views from the back, and whilst there is a road through the village, it becomes unsuitable for vehicles just after the houses, so it is a very quiet little spot.

This is the plaque on Hoober Stand. If you double click, you can read the inscription. It has recently been restored, and I am sure that it is open during some weekends in summer for you to walk to the top.

Wherever you go in South Yorkshire, you can usually see Hoober Stand. We could see this from our walk through Endcliffe Park the other week when we stood on the edge of the Peak District. When young man played Sunday morning football a few years ago, there weren't many pitches around the county, and even into Derbyshire where we couldn't spy this monument.

I hope you enjoyed my Sunday morning stroll.


Colette said...

It was lovely to join you on your walk. I enjoyed it. Hope you have a lovely week.

Colette x

Sue said...

This looks such an interesting place! I must go sometime. Thanks for visiting me, too! :-)

Lisa said...

Love the topiary family.
Did the heart shaped stone make it home with you?

Anonymous said...

What charming photo's.
I was just wondering, do you know of anyone who is looking for a swap partner? I am longing to join in on this swapping lark, so any help you could give me would be greatly appriciated.

Thanks So Much
Melanie xx

Rosie said...

Great walk, Diane, I really enjoyed sharing it with you - love the little cottages and the topiary - the Old Building Yard sounds interesting. I love Bluebells - I bet they looked wonderful as you walked through them:)

Gilly said...

Lovely photos! And I was very amused at the topiary! That looks a really good place for a walk. Maybe I could do some of it one day in the future!

Bluebells are such a lovely misty blue when you see them en masse.

Lyn said...

Well I could do with a nice cup of tea and a biscuit after that walk!
Lovely place, and the topiary was a bit scary!

Caroline said...

Thank you for your remark on my blog, so now I have encountered yours! It is gorgeous, loved your Sunday morning walk.
I would love to be able to walk through a bluebell wood one day, I think they are exquisite.
BTW simple adore your Grandmother's tea set, keep using it, it is lovely.

Anonymous said...

I am hosting a swap over on my site if you would like to join, please feel free to pop over and take a look.
Take Care
Love Melanie xxx

Anonymous said...

Lovely walk :o)
Thank you x