Friday 17 April 2009

A girl and her shoes.

These are my favorite forms of footwear! My trusty wellies, walking boots, and Brasher sandals for summer. Not for me ridiculous teetering heels and strappy sandals. I have to wear "normal" footwear for work, and when I go out, but given half a chance, I would live in these. I work in an office and always have (inspite of my careers talk at comprehensive school where I said that it was the last place I could ever see myself working - more of which later)but my ideal job would see me working in my wellies. I would love to work outside, perhaps in a walled vegetable garden. A few years ago, I was a team leader for a large bank. Our department specialised in telephone loans. I took the job after having 4 years off being a stay at home mum. It fitted in at the time with hubby working shifts, and meant that I didn't have to have a childminder. I worked very late evenings and weekends and had a part time team of other mothers and students. I loved my team, they were great but they were rubbish at selling the insurance on loans for which we had targets. My manager once took me into her office and tore me off a strip. She said that I didn't display a "passion" for the insurance product (well observed, and please feel free to shoot me should I ever display a passion for ANY insurance product!!). I was very much a square peg in a round hole. My current job is in administration for an IT company. The company is ok, and the people I work with are ok, but I still feel like a square peg in a round hole. I am determined that my kids get at least a stab at doing a job that doesnt seem like work to them.

And also - looked what arrived today in the post. My monthly subscription to Cornwall Today (featuring some heart shaped crafts!!) and a copy of Yanks from PLAY.COM bargain at £3.99 - I shall positively relish doing the ironong this evening!! Many thanks to Lyn at
Everydaylife (see sidebar) for reminding me about this most wonderful and heartbreaking film.


Anonymous said...

I have the same problem when I try and leave you a comment, finger crossed today. I really love your blanket. Is it all DK and what size hook did you use? I know what you mean about blogging make one want to finish stuff!!!!!! I'll be back again soon.

Lyn said...

Well it is good to know there is at least one other person out there blubbing at this film!

JuliaB said...

Hi Diane
I too am a round peg in a square hole ... or the other way round ... I like what I do now, but for years, work was a struggle! I like wellies, flip flops and converse, but I can't resist my heels either, as you may have guessed! Oh, it's DvT in the champagne glass but I have been compared to her a number of times, which is very flattering, but its always dark when it happens!! xx

JuliaB said...

ps.. my word verification on that last was 'deforms' !!!!!!!!

Rosie said...

I remember going to see that film at the cinema - seems a long time ago now - love the colours of your blanket in your last post - Cornwall - lovely would love to have a holiday there again one day, seems a long time since I was last in that part of the country:)

p.s. I love boots, walking boots and sandals, too, not so fond of formal shoes that pinch the toes:)

Shabby Chick said...

Hmmm yes I can see why you weren't too bothered by that talking to! At work they always want us to push the mortgage advice... and don't get me wrong, the advisor is brilliant and it's free but I know that people just don't want to be hassled to see him the moment they've walked in the door.

Mel xxx

PS I can't manage high heels either, just about for work but that's it these days :D

Julia said...

Keep hold of your dreams, vegetable patches in sunny walled gardens...there's no reason why one day this couldn't come true for you!

On the shoe front, Im a sucker for my lavender crocs and flip flops in summer, furry emu boots (no socks) all winter to keep snug - do have a bit of a girly thing going with a nice pair of cork heeled summer shoes for going out in now and then, although how folk wear these sorts of shoes all the time is beyond me!

Sending love, enjoy your delicious mag!

J xxx