Saturday 4 April 2009

Fridays bits and bobs.

I made a couple of tote bags to hold Easter gifts for one of my friends little girls. I didn't buy Easter eggs, I bought a couple of Chocolate milkshake glasses with a beanie cow in the top for £1.25 each in the Christmas Boots 75% sale. I thought they made a nicer gift and appealed to my thrifty nature.

Friday morning started off with really bad freezing frog, but by the time I had finished work, the sun was out (and it was warm) so a quick walk across the fields and round by the woods started the weekend off well. (You can just see Wentworth church peeping over the hill). I love the lighter nights. I get more hours in the day to do the things I love. We are lucky because this walk starts just around the corner from our house.

This is my Comfrey patch in the garden. It grows in an area where not much else grows, and it grows like wildfire. I use it to make (a very stinky) plant food for the rest of the garden. Ive never made any lotions or potions with it, but I'm sure you can. I'll have to trawl the internet for suggestions - unless any of you know what else I can do with it?


Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

Take a look at the guy who has been on BBC2 who makes his own natural lotions and potions - Monday night at 8.30 - you can catch up with past programmes on the BBC2 website - it is very interesting so he may have some ideas for your comfrey. Debbie x

Rosie said...

I think it is also known as knitbone and can be made into a cream to help relive breaks and strains - the bags are very pretty I bet the little girls will love them:)

lazylol said...

What lovely Easter gifts, much nicer than eggs.

JuliaB said...

I was giong to say about the knitbone factor but Rosie has been me to it! Comfrey is great for growing in shady patches, it is so pretty too.

Lisa said...

Lovely bags. I'm with you on the frugal front for gift buying!