Wednesday 1 April 2009

My Tree fella

Yes, this is my Tree Fella - and there's only one of him (boom boom, the old ones are the best! - you may have to be old enough to remember the 2 Ronnies!!) . He is on the tree in my front garden facing into the living room so that (a) I can see him through the window (when all the leaves are on the tree, he looks as if he's got an afro) and (b) the local kids can't see him, so they are less likely to nick him.


noelle said...

hi diane, does tree fella have a name ? He's great! Well, the start of another month, where does the time go?! Soon be time for your visit to St. Ives, yes? oh and i think you meant the Yellow Canary, you know , where you got your scones from .We're off to Devon in the holidays, not too far . I don't like to be too far from home, bit of a home bird me i think ! x noelle x

Lisa said...

He's great. I bet he makes you grin everytime you catch a glimpse of him.
What are his features made from and did you do it?

JuliaB said...

I LOVE the Two Ronnies! They were Great. What is Mr Tree made of? x

Lyn said...

He's a bit of alright your Mr Tree!
Thank you for your kind comments on my blog-I know I am so additcted to this blog thing, It's the first thing I do when I get back from work-the house work has gone to pot since I started in February!
Just added yours-another one to keep me from washing up-arrh shame-NOT!

Lyn said...

Theres a little something over on my blog, pop over to see!

Lalabibaby @ Dreaming of The Simple Life said...

He's a bit of alright! What with him and Menopausal Musings Scarecrows this is getting to be a bit of a man fest - the perfect sort coz they don't answer back. Try the fridge list - I find it works because they have to look at it before they open the door to find the next mouthful. Eventually the penny drops and they say what's this??? .......... Debbie