Tuesday 7 April 2009

The Kids

Ive really enjoyed every stage of having kids - right from being pregnant. Thats not to say that I have found any of it easy and they have taught me so much along the way. One thing I can safely say is that as a parent, you always think that the next stage will be easier, but it never is. I think it gets harder.

The young man doesn't mind walking with me up to the wool shop as he gets to do a Rambo impersonation in one of the sheds!! Actually he minds very much walking up to the wool shop with me - its just not cool to be seen out with your mother! He is very sporty, loves cars and the "Dave" channel, likes helping Dad assemble Ikea furniture - he's a proper bloke.

She's been through the ballet and the tap phase, she's been a disco diva, but now she is firmly stuck on "Street Dancing" and she does it everywhere!

The dancing queen and I have a great love for each other and a deep understanding of each other. We put all the falling out down to our hormones. Having kids a bit later in life means that you are menopausal when their teenage hormones are kicking in. She also keeps me in a constant state of poverty. They both want to go to university, so the poverty will only worsen.
It doesn't seem 2 minutes since my waters broke - where does the time go?


JuliaB said...

Goodness you have a lively pair there!! x

Lisa said...

Never a dull moment in your home I bet with 2 such active children!

Shabby Chick said...

They sound like proper characters, and I think it's great that they have so many interests. University, argh! I dread mine wanting to go, soooo expensive! Neither me or my husband went all my friends who did seemed to spend all their time socialising instead of working so I am a bit anti.

Mel xxx

Anonymous said...

It was nice seeing a parents' perspective. I'm still a child, so I can never understand why anyone would want kids, but perhaps that will change in time. your kids sound lovely though. one of my fears is that my kid will turn out like me with all my bad points. >__<

Lazylol said...

Kids are such fun! Mine are grown now and I miss when they were little.
I totally understand the poverty bit - my 20 year old was working in construction and was made redundant before Christmas so is costing me a fortune. On top of that my 18 year old is going to Uni (hopefully) in September. What fun. I wonder what it would be like to actually earn money and get to keep some of it!?

Shabby Chick said...

Thanks v much Diane, you're so right about everyone doing it differently. The thing that gets me is that she is criticising my daughter and yet her son is way off perfect and she does things I don't agree with as well - but I don't go and tell her that! It's certainly opened my eyes and made me think about a few things.

Have a lovely easter xxx

Rosie said...

Great photos - what livewires they both look - keep you busy I expect and fun too. Thanks for your comment on my blog - yes I've been through the Asbourne tunnel a couple of times - would love to hear your funny story one day:)