Monday 13 April 2009

Easter Sunday and Monday

The weather man predicted a fine and sunny day on Sunday, so we thought that we would take the opportunity to try and erect the new tent that we bought (this now makes 5 tents!!!). We headed off to Clumber Park in North Notts as we knew there would be lots of space. Turned out everyone was doing the same thing. The dancing queen didnt want to accompany us today (this is happening more and more and hubby and I cannot get used to it. Up to now we have always done everything and gone everywere together.) We didnt do too badly. Erecting a tent serves to highlight how badly hubby and I actually communicate with other, and also highlights that we both have a short fuse!!! Anyway, within half an hour we were up and away, and it rained!! We ate out picnic in the tent, took the tent down, and it stoppped raining! I hope that this isn't an omen. I love camping, and all I need for a great summer, is time off work, my tent and (hopefully this year) some sunshine.

After the picnic, we took a walk around the lake. As we had space in the car, the young man decided to invite 2 of his friends. 3x13 year old boys, did not make for a very leisurely afternoon, but they were very funny.

Today (Monday) hubby had to work, so the kids and I took a short trip (2 stops up the motorway) to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. We come here often as it is very close, and also free to get in (can you see a pattern emerging here?). I love it as it has wonderful indoor galleries, but the main sculptures (Henry Moore's and Barbara Hepworth's etc) are all exhibited in the outdoor spaces of the park. I think that this is a perfect setting for these type of large sculptures. You can easily spend a full day here - and the cafe is one of the best I have ever visited. We didn't visit the cafe today as it was very full, and we are trying to save money, but if you ever get chance to visit, I can highly recommend it. The weatherman had forecast rain, but this was actually the sunniest day of the weekend (there's a pattern emerging here too!!!).

Hope you all had a good weekend, xxxx


Lisa said...

I hope we have lots of sun this summer so you get to use the tent loads of times.
Another great (free) place to visit!

Shabby Chick said...

Great pics. We also like close by and free things!!!!! I bet the boys were hilarious :D

Mel xxx

noelle said...

looks like you had a good time, i presume you've been to the Barbara Hepworth museum here in St. Ives. I like the garden there, although its been a while since i went. Raining here today , but i bet you knew that!! When are you coming down to Cornwall?

Rosie said...

You just sent my thoughts whirling back to so many memories of Clumber Park - we used to go most Sundays when I was a child & young teenager, take a picnic and Mum and I would walk whilst Dad watched the cricket, sometimes I took a friend and other times cousins came as well. I love the story of erecting the tent:)
The sulpture park look wonderful, too - love the dancing hare like mythical creatures :)

Lyn said...

We have been to the sculpure park a couple of times. We went to see some fab Andy Goldsworthy sculpures there, I would love to take a class of children there one day, good place for them to run around and learn something at the same time!

driftwood said...

we love the sculpture park, such lovely open spaces, and yet such fun to hunt for the art work too. last time we went it rained so hard we had to shelter under one of the bigger sculptures for ages......